Locks Of Gold & Poop Scooping

Much to the surprise of the young lady doing my hair, and me, the red/burgundy lifted easily and she was able to bleach me back to blond. I’m thrilled! While I do indeed believe it does age us once we hit 50, being bleached blond is just fun for warmer weather. And I needed a big, dramatic change in my life that wasn’t going to rock my world too much. Little, temporary pink streaks are coming but first I want to get folks used to the blond, the fun color stripes will follow next week sometime. 🙂

54463075_2296108870474624_3880204614917685248_nMy cousin mentioned that it brought out the blue in my eyes more, I have to agree with her on that. This photo is without any filter in completely natural light and I’m pretty happy with the results. My grandsons, JD and Little E, are going to flip, as JD won’t remember me blond and Little E has never seen me with anything but the burgundy locks. All is good, if I show up with donuts I’m certain they will know it is me 😉 The other 4 grandkids all have seen me blond before, and even lots of pink, and they expect Nana Marti to do crazy things with her hair now and then so they won’t be shocked.

I cannot believe that the move is 6 days and a wake-up away now. I’ve done about all of the purging that can be done at this point. Now it is simply finishing up the packing of items to be hauled out to Indiana. Imagine that, me, the city mouse transplanting to the “country”.

Okay total change of topic here. I am a crazy cat lady at heart, I LOVE my fur baby, but litter boxes suck! Cleaning them is a wretched chore because of the ammonia odor and the poo. I’d seen multiple ads on Facebook for The Kitty Poo Club but was highly skeptical that I could change out the litter once a month by tossing the entire cardboard ‘box’ into the trash and opening a new one. Well knock me over with a poop scoop because it is the truth. My sister took the plunge first and every few days I went down to her apartment and got on my hands and knees to sniff the box. No smell. So, after many such investigative trips to her cat’s ‘toilet’, I joined the club. I hated the mess of my cat’s litter, hated having to scrub the litter box every few weeks to rid the thing of that smell, and hated scooping clumps. Those days are over. This litter is amazing. I simply scoop the poop once every 24 hours (by the way, it dehydrates in this litter and has no real smell to it at all!) into a paper bag or plastic baggie and toss it. Then with the scoop, stir the litter around a bit. When the next ‘box’ arrives I close this one and toss it. It does not leak, doesn’t smell, and is simply amazing. I will never go back to anything else. If you love your cat and hate the chore of cleaning the litter box, you need to try this product. And yes I get points if you use my link, but I’m not being paid to review this, it truly is all me wanting to tell every cat owner that there is a better way!

Well, once again this Glamma needs to get her tush in bed. It is the weekend of back-to-back double shifts with my sweet, dementia souls. Y’all have a great weekend!