The Winds Of Change

In a week I will be sleeping here for the last time, and my belongings all loaded up in a truck for moving to my new home with my daughter and son-in-law. I am excited and dreading it all at once. The dread comes in the moving part, as I hate packing/moving. But I’m so excited to get to be a part of that household, and living in such a beautiful place.

Over all the whole moving experience isn’t terrible. I’m purging like crazy and pretty much have finished that portion. Things that have sat for the entire time I’ve been in this apartment, other than photos or decorations, now reside in the dumpster across the parking lot. I’m not moving what hasn’t been used in nearly a year because I clearly do not need it. The packing and labeling of boxes isn’t a lot of fun, but as I’m doing that I have revisited a few things and purged some more. I like order so the boxes of items stacked around are messing with my head and comfort level, but that is okay. I work 4 of the next 8 days, and 3 of those days are double shifts. I won’t be around here much other than to sleep this coming week because when not working I’ll be taking as much out to my new place as I can. It so happens that will be quite a lot as other than my work clothes, skin care and a little makeup, everything else can GO.

Tomorrow another big change will take place. These burgundy locks are getting bleached back to platinum blond. While I do agree that bleached hair ages us after 50, this dying my hair is a pain in the butt and I’m just tired of having to mess with it. Once it is bleached out I will let my own color return and embrace my natural, ash blond with lots of gray. I’ve talked about it enough that it is simply time to do it. The burgundy has faded to a light reddish, I haven’t kept up with it so I have some funky roots going on, kind of a two-tone thing that is really weird. While I love the way I look 38 pounds lighter and with reddish hair in the one photo, I also like it blond but not 38 pounds heavier as in the photo from the previous year. At least with white blond the regrowth of darker blond isn’t hideous.



I’m still struggling a bit with the comfort eating but the weight is under control and I’m feeling much better as those extra few pounds are starting to melt. My energy is returning and things are fitting much better again. Now if I could just avoid the iced coffees from Dunkin I’d be set. 😉

Another change is getting enough sleep! I’ve started making myself go to bed on time so that I am getting at least 7 hours of sleep. In fact I’m looking at over 8 tonight so that I start this work weekend on a rest filled run. So, on that note, this Nana is off to bed and dreamland.