When Your Jeans Just Can’t

I have this wonderful, very old, very faded pair of jeans. Soft from years of wear, worn in the right places from using them as riding jeans when fender fluff on the back of a motorcycle, a size or so too big so nice and roomy for working in or riding…they are my favorite. Well, to be more precise, they were my favorite pair.

Today I was heading out to my daughter’s and I knew we’d be in cleaning mode as we continue to prepare the way for me to move in there. My junk jeans have a knee torn out, thin on the inner thighs and one side the seam had split inside a few inches, and near the left back pocket there was a hole where the fabric was starting to separate. This pair was ideal for cleaning because nothing could ruin them at this point.

buttshotWhen I arrived everyone was upstairs where my daughter was on the treadmill and the toddlers playing on the bed and watching a Disney movie. I sat down on the bed and realized that I could feel a breeze just before landing my tush and the fabric on my butt cheek felt strange. Reaching back I discovered that the hole by the pocket was now a long, straight, open line of frayed denim. Oops! Thankfully my daughter has dozens of pairs of leggings and we wear the same size in those, so I was able to put on a pair of black, flowered ones under the jeans to keep my butt covered where the now gaping hole exists. That beloved pair of pants is headed to the dumpster when I take out the trash tonight.

The day was very productive as we cleaned the windows and inside the sashes, then cleaned our cars. Mine was a disaster inside. I really paid very little attention to it until recently when I happened to be seeing it in just the right angle of sunlight to notice how thick the dust was on the dashboard. Looking around I also noted coffee spills on the console and, well, just dirt. So we did a major cleaning on Henrietta including removing the Avon decal from my back window. Oh I still sell and maybe one day will get a new one or wrap the car, but the letters had faded and the phone number listed was no longer in service. On the way home, despite the fact that tomorrow it is going to rain, I ran my baby through the car wash so her outside is very clean too.

Being inside and in the driveway working, the hole didn’t really matter. But then it came time to walk down to the lake with the boys for a few and that was when it hit me how silly it must appear. Oh well, when you reach my age you can get away with this sort of insanity and folks just shake their heads.