Back On Plan & Living My Dream

My dream? Well it goes with the saying so many use when someone asks, “how are you?” and they say, “living the dream”. See, I am not living the dream, someone else’s version of a dream. I am living MY dream. My goals, plans, joy…my dream!

As I’m nearing a year since my mom died, it is time to stop using that as my excuse to not stay focused on the clean, healthy eating and portion control. As an Optavia health coach I know the importance of all this, it just became a non-issue to me the past year.

Healing from grief takes up a lot of energy and support, and for this gal, food became a part of that support but not the healthy kind of nourishment. While I only gained 12-14 pounds (it fluctuates) of the 38 I had lost, it still annoys me and gets in the way of my living my dream life. That dream life includes 6 uniforms for work when only one pair of the scrub pants fits comfy and loose enough not to be worried about them splitting open during the many times I’m up and down off the floor. This means doing laundry frequently to keep those pants clean, and doing laundry too often is also not a part of my dream life.

I LOVE spending time with my kids and grandkids. In just 3 short weeks I’ll be moving in with my daughter and her family, meaning I get to spend a lot of time with 3 of the 6 grandkids. This Nana babysits. For free. So when my daughter or son need me, I do all I can to be able to accommodate them. My mom did this for all of us from watching kids to picking them up from school, so to me I’m living out her legacy. As the family matriarch it gives me an opportunity to influence them in positive ways and share my faith with them. I do not understand grandparents who won’t watch their grandkids, who doesn’t want to spend time with the ones you hope will carry on your faith and wisdom? Frankly it is an honor to be asked to spend the time with the kiddos, to be trusted with their care and be able to have fun with them.

dadsflowersCan Spring get here already? I’m really over the cold, snow and overcast skies kind of weather. I liked the snow but I’m ready for green grass and flowers, leaves on the trees and sitting outside. Dad took this picture two years ago, and it is my inspiration to hang on, this crap weather will end!

Well this Nana is not feeling good today. Cough, sniffles, sore throat and fever. On that note I think it is time for her to put herself to bed with a crochet hook and bing some more of The Sopranos.