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Day #2 of my 3 day weekend.

Yesterday was spent at the museum center with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and 4 grandsons ranging in age from 1 to 6 years old. It was great fun! The children’s museum is such a hit with the boys and the laughs, giggles and screeching was in abundance. After eating lunch I returned to my daughter’s house for the day and hung out.

Each visit makes me excited for the coming move and I don’t want to leave there to come home to my apartment. There are some days I don’t know how she does it, being out numbered by toddlers who are so full of energy, make messes like it’s their job, and still keep her house so clean. The woman never stops moving. And the 1 year old? Well if you’ve seen the movie, Incredibles 2, my grandson is Jack Jack minus the ability to laser eye, shape shift and combust, though in his wake you might think he has those skills. He moves like lightening, disappears in the blink of an eye and reappears in places he doesn’t belong. The laugh, energy, speed of movement…he even looks like Jack Jack. He is beyond adorable.

Wednesday evening was cousins dinner night. Only 4 of us could make it but it was fun and gave me an excuse to make my ought-to-be world famous black bean chili. YUM! I also now have a freezer full of frozen chili because it makes a HUGE pot full. The pot is big enough to bath the little would be Jack Jack.

Thursday I came home from work and for the first time in almost a year experienced loneliness. I’m heavy on the introvert and usually enjoy my alone time, especially working with 16+ residents who have dementia. I’m done with human contact by the time I clock out after my shifts. I never felt lonely in the Diva Den, and after mom passed I needed my time alone. Perhaps I’ve reached that point in the grief process where I’m ready to be living with others and sharing about my day, their day, dreams, concerns etc. again. This move is going to be a good thing.

My addiction to Pokemon GO is…well it just is. Sometimes I take a drive seeking stops and other days if it isn’t at a light or parking lot on the way home from work then I don’t have time for it. I’m trying to keep it under control but some of the ones lately I’ve stumbled on or hatched are just TOO cute. And it has given me a connection with my 6 year old grandson because he LOVES it and plays on his dad’s account. I let him do my daily trainer battles when I see him.

The coffee in the cup is cold, and in the pot is old. That means it is time to pull it together and go seize the day. Y’all have a marvelous weekend.


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