I Blame My Grandson

As grandmothers there is precious little we won’t do to bring a smile to the faces of our grandchildren. Mind you, I keep things within the lines of my son and daughter’s household rules for their offspring, but I will push the boundary now and then. Because that is what we do as grandparents, we get to spoil them a little bit. Like when I grocery shop with my daughter and purchase some to-die-for cookies full of sugary goodness and let the kiddos have a few. 🙂

Recently my son contacted me to see if I still play Pokemon Go. I had not played in about 18 months or so (don’t hold me to an exact number just know it has been a long time) and asked why. Seems my 6yo grandson had taken up the game on his dad’s phone, creating an account under his daddy so that he could catch these critters. My son doesn’t allow it to get too crazy but when they go places he allows my SnuggleBean play it on his phone. (I think he secretly plays too on the account and loves it) Trouble had arisen as he needed a friend in the game in order to level up. Nana’s heart strings were being pulled, she hates saying ‘no’ if she can say ‘yes’. I agreed to log in and friend him so that he could level up. My intention was simply to do that and move on, assuming I could even remember my logon information.

I did indeed recall the needed ID and password to log in.

Logged in, friended my grandson.

The alert sounded of a Pokemon nearby, within in distance to capture it.

Here is where the problem arose….


Capture said adorable critter, and another one pops up, equally cute.

Captured this one.

End result? Nana is hooked back in to this game. *face palm*

It really is NOT my fault this happened. I innocently tried to make my grandson happy. I then, of course, asked my sister to jump in and friend him as well. She, like me, had ceased playing a long time ago. She is now also playing the game as her addiction has been triggered. I’m working on my daughter, because the more the merrier, right?