It All Adds Up

Everything in moderation. That is a great advice. Key word there is ‘moderation’. The problem for people like me? Moderation is not wired into our DNA.

Glass of wine? Yep, one glass at a time until the entire bottle has been consumed.

A cookie? One at a time until the whole package has been eaten.

Cup of coffee? If there is still java in the pot we aren’t finished.

Crochet one more row before bed? Then one more and one more until the entire skein of yarn is gone.

Small handful of almonds? Repeat until bag is empty.


See the pattern? Moderation is missing from the equation.

So, without thinking I can walk in the break room and scarf down several cookies. Or candy canes left over from the holidays. And at home, flavored creamers are intended to be a hint of delight in my coffee, but it is more like 1/4 of the cup. Hot pizza and candy delivered to my seat at the movies and well the scale is reflecting my lack of self control. I’m supposed to be going to see another movie this afternoon, and think that perhaps it would be much wiser if me and little sis postpone that and just stay home and crochet. We can maybe watch Harry Potter movies or binge Downtown Abbey all day. Or instead of spending money I could suck down a bunch of water and go donate plasma and make $40 for an hour of my time.

I just watched the updated weather report for my area and I am convinced that the meteorologists are paid money by the local grocery store to use terms like “dangerous driving conditions” and “treacherous roads” in order to push the panic and boost sales of unnecessary items. The milk, bread and eggs aside, a new one emerging is toilet paper. HUH? You mean to tell me that you don’t have enough toilet paper to get through a day at best? There was no grocery trip planned until next week so I have to assume you have enough to get your household through until then. Unless you think the weather will bring on an increased need to use the commode, why are you buying up the bathroom supplies like we are headed for a zombie apocalypse and you’ll need something to barter with for other things…like food or alcohol??? I am stumped. While not my first choices to eat, I have enough food (tissues, and toilet paper) to stayed holed up here in my apartment for at least a week. I’m pretty certain this mob at the grocery store does too. *shaking my head* Again, it ALL adds up!

So it is back to black coffee, lots of water, and on plan eating. This too all adds up to me fitting more comfortably into my jeans. Though the fur lined leggings are going to be the attire of the day.

Stay marvelous, y’all!