The Best Of Intentions

img_2303Yesterday I wrote about having 2 days off to crochet and relax. That was the case until last evening when my boss texted to see if I might be interested in working today. It put me in over time so, um, of course! It was a good day, great shift, and I’m thankful it is over. So I have this evening and tomorrow to crochet instead. This is all good, a bit less time but still pleased.

I seem to be doing this whole prep for Winter Storm Gia (seriously when did we start naming winter storms???) all wrong. After leaving work I cruised to the grocery store. It was not a well thought out plan, as the store was already getting busy because it is Thursday, the storm watch has been posted, and snow is expected over night. Tomorrow night. Really? I mean why is everyone freaking out? It isn’t as if we will be snowed in for weeks, or even days. Hours is even a stretch. We live where snow plows roam in winter and streets are pre-treated. If I wasn’t working doubles this weekend I would have grabbed a bottle of wine to sip on while watching the snow fall. Instead I’ll be caring for my 16 residents while the snow is falling. Any way, I was not there to purchase bread, milk, and eggs. I didn’t even buy steaks or snacks. I bought cat litter. Not for using if I get stuck driving in the snow, but to actually use in a litter box. Not sure that is on the storm prep list of things to have on hand. *shrug*

My planner has a number of cleaning tasks listed. All this week. First they were on the weekend, then on Tuesday. Next they moved to Wednesday afternoon. Then today. Most of it did finally get done when I arrived home after work, but first I kept moving it along because I just wasn’t in the mood to clean. Finally, I walked in and just started cleaning and made 2 trips to the dumpster as I purged some items. I’m glad that is done so I can stop moving it across the planner pages. I really meant to get it all out of the way but for some reason it took 4 days to make it a priority.

As you can see from the picture, I’m making something with Caron Cakes yarn again. Just a nice throw, which I will be putting photos up when done and of course selling in the shop. I love this yarn, is an acrylic and wool blend.

Me + coffee + crocheting = relaxing.

Off to relax! Have a marvelous one y’all!