January Journaling Prompts

I love prompts for when my brain decides to produce a blank page for the blog. This is one of those times. I found some great prompts for January on http://www.BrittneyAMoses.com and decided to use them for this month. Some posts will contain more than one prompt as the days I work double shifts I won’t be able to write. Or in this case, I had posts written I wanted to share.

#1 – The biggest lesson I learned from last year was…

Life is entirely too short so don’t waste a single minute. I’m so grateful for the things I did not take on so I could spend more time with my mom. I do have some regrets about working so much because it cut into our time. But I knew her time was growing short so I often skipped things I wanted to do in order to just sip coffee and chat with her for hours.

#2 – My top 10 goals for this year are…

  1. Actually finish every crochet project currently in varying degrees of completion in my closet. I get excited about a new pattern and stop a project, leaving it to wait.
  2. Attend at least half of the hooker nights for this year. I missed so many from being tired or lazy. I need that gal-pal time with cousins.
  3. Get more sleep! I have a bad habit of getting ready for bed and picking up my phone or a book along with of a cup of herbal tea. I end up re-heating the tea multiple times and it takes me 30-60 minutes to finish it! I need to make the tea and drink it while changing into my jammies then go to bed!
  4. Less screen time! An hour before bed and an hour after waking up, NO looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email etc. Those can all wait.
  5. Buying smaller amounts of produce more often so I’m not tossing stuff that went bad waiting on me to get around to making something. I need to plan meals so I know what I’m having and can shop accordingly on the way home from work. Yes it may mean a few more trips to the store, but I’ll be saving a lot of money on wasted items.
  6. Write the book I’ve been planning, outlining and dreaming about for years!
  7. Purging material things that have no sentimental or real value in my life but take up space. Then purge some more! Donate everything still usable.
  8. One intentional act of kindness a month, something planned and then executed that will bring joy to another person.
  9. Get out of my home-body comfort zone more often and do something, even if alone, once a month that involves leaving home for a few hours.
  10. Send those cards/notes at least monthly to my circle of snail mail gals.

#3 – 5 bad habits I’d like to get rid of this year are…

  1. biting my bottom lip/chewing it
  2. cursing – I can make a trucker blush sometimes
  3. going to bed without washing my face, I do this entirely too often
  4. spending real money on virtual crap like diamonds in Wheel Of Fortune on my phone
  5. missing my quiet time in the morning because I want that extra sleep

#4 – Something I’d like to try this year that I’ve never tried before is…

The 52 week savings challenge. I have talked about it, but never committed and done it. THIS is my  year! Only I’m doing it in reverse, like a count down. It is easier for me to start the year with $52 the first week, than to end it during the holidays. And I’m NOT doing it in a jar where the money is sitting there in front of me. It is into a savings account! Then I’ll have $1300+ to spend come Christmas.


#5 – 3 qualities I’d like to strengthen about myself are…

Not going to lie, I asked multiple people, friends and family, what 3 they thought I should work to strengthen. Then I picked from those as these folks know me, so they see my strengths and weaknesses. I trust my tribe.

  1. Self confidence – yep while I have it I do need to work on strengthen it.
  2. Forgiving – a friend pointed out that the older I get the more forgiving I am. But still have some inner baggage to lose. Yep need to strengthen this area too.
  3. Writing – maybe take some classes and start actually writing that book(s). Yep need to strengthen this too.

I LOVE this post, it is like a little road map. I’ve written these things all down in the appropriate places in my planner. Unpaid plug here, I’m getting nothing for sharing this, but the BEST planner for me is the Happy Planner from Michael’s crafts. I can buy and add in dozens of different pages for notes, budgeting, goals etc. and it is much less expensive than many on the market.