Tuesday Coffee Musings ~ 12/11/18

I should be showered, face on, and ready to face my day. Instead I’m sitting here in my favorite winter pajamas, sipping coffee, eating breakfast and thinking about all I need to accomplish on this, my day off.

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  1. I have 2 orders for mittens, one with a matching hat.
  2. One order for 2 pair of fingerless gloves (I need these tomorrow)
  3. One load of laundry to do so I have a clothes to wear to work tomorrow.
  4. need to clean bathrooms, run the vacuum, dust.
  5. Call the apartment management about breaking my lease.
  6. Address and mail Christmas cards.
  7.  Relax

What I WANT to do is go hang out with my daughter and grandsons today. But I don’t even know what is on her agenda because I haven’t heard from her yet. Her mornings are pretty hectic with 2 toddlers and 3 dogs. Showering and coffee is cause for celebration for a stay-at-home mama, and she keeps her house incredibly clean and in order! 

I suppose I should wave my pom poms for what I have accomplished. Coffee, bed made, Avon order submitted, cat fed. Not in that order, mind you, because the cat always gets fed first or she tries to kill me in her attempts to get my attention. A trip to the ER is never on my list of things to do so I just take care of her first. Especially when you used to be “so-in-so’s wife” and are now “so-in-so’s ex-wife” to half of the department. I try hard to avoid the life squad being my means of transportation.

My week is full of babysitting my son’s kids, family night at the nursing home where dad lives, and making sure I get enough sleep before pulling back-to-back double shifts this coming weekend. By Monday morning when I wake up I’ll be sore and tired. These double back-to-backs are rough on the young aides, it really takes a toll on us older gals. But it has the benefit of giving me more days off so I suck it up and make it happen.

Did you catch that little hint up there ^^^ on my list? Yes, I’m moving. Closer to my daughter, MUCH closer. Details in yet another post but stay tuned it is going to be interesting, fun, exciting and chaotic. 🙂

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