November 29th, 2018 ~ 30 Days

Do you like to dress up?

What a question on a day like this! Sleet, freezing rain, some light snow, cold temperatures and I’m still sick. If my favorite flannel jammies count as dressing up then today the answer is sure, yes, why not. Seriously that has been my attire since Saturday, my pajamas. I have two pair and I had to break down yesterday and put on yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt to wash them because well fevers break and you can use your imagination. Suffice to say I was needing fresh attire and a shower. The cat had barfed up hair balls on the blanket she sleeps on when on the bed so that had to go in too. I’m happy to be back in my favorite ‘dress up’ for being ill.

pair of beige leather open toe heeled platform shoes on white textile
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I can really take it or leave it when it comes to dressing up. This girl far prefers her jeans, a hoodie and favorite sneakers to being in a dress and heels (or at my age and common sense level, flats). I will dress it up to business casual, and if necessary (mom’s funeral) a professional look, but I have no use for all the fuss of being ‘fancy’. It is just not my thing or style. I prefer to be marvelously simple, understated and casual. Putting on makeup, perfume and some jewelry counts as dressing up in my book. If I dress up these days, it is slacks and a fancy shirt, usually borrowed from my sister. I never look bad, or frumpy, my jeans fit and my casual shirts. But I’m most happy and comfortable dressed down!

I encourage you, if you are not the type that likes to get all dolled up, then DON’T! Sure, there are occasions that call for it, so have something appropriate, but keep it as stress free as you possibly can. We have no one we need to impress other than ourselves and that is what matters. Come eternity the Lord isn’t going to judge us by what we looked like on the outside, His concern is the heart. I’d far rather have a beautiful heart and spirit than fancy clothes that impress people.

I’m thankful for leveling up in maturity to realize it is okay to just be ME! Marvelous ME!