November 6th, 2018 ~ 30 Days

What’s the biggest difference that we can make in this world?

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Most folks think too big. They think because they are just one person that they cannot do much. I know folks who don’t vote because they think one vote doesn’t count, forgetting that so many think that way and some elections that are local can be as close as a few votes requiring recounts by hand. So surely if everyone who thought their vote was insignificant actually voted things could be different. But that isn’t how I think we could all make a difference in the world, though it certainly is important to cast your vote.

We each are just one person in millions. But together? A force to be reckoned with!

If you drop a pebble in a pond the water ripples outward in rings. On still water it will first cause a large movement on the surface, and as it reaches farther out the disturbance will be more subtle but it will be there. Imagine if every few feet around a the water’s edge, a person stood and dropped a pebble into the water. The force of many ripples would begin to merge and cross over each other, causing the change on the water to be stronger farther out than when just one stone was dropped.

If each of us were to do the same action within our own little section of the world, the big pond, it would spread and cause a large disruption across the surface of our waters, the human race. That action? Kindness.

If everyone went out of their way daily to do a random act of kindness, imagine how that ripple affect would look! And what if we purposely showed a little kindness to everyone we came in contact with throughout each day, putting aside all judgement of others politics, race, gender, orientation, how that might change the world. Let someone into traffic on a crowded highway, held a door, smiled and said hello, complimented each other, bought the customer behind us a cup of coffee or paid their bill at the drive thru window, sent a card or hand written note to someone letting them know they are being thought of or prayed for…and they in turn, upon receiving those kind acts then payed that forward to someone else, we could change the world. Each of us, doing one small gesture, over and over again, could cause waves of good to spread.

We don’t have to agree with, or even like someone, to show kindness. In fact it is to those we would normally not show a gesture of good will that we should start with, and see if we could eliminate the divisions among us all.

That is how we make the biggest difference the world, one person at a time, every time we come in contact with another, graciousness and decency compounded.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start dropping pebbles in the pond of life!