November 3rd, 2018 ~ 30 Days

What occupied your mind today?

*NOTE: This post was written on Friday, 11/2/18 to be published on 11/3/18.

Hmm…well mostly today my mind was on this pair of mittens I’m crocheting. They are an initial test to see if I like the pattern before I make some for the shop. I have several patterns I’m trying. Crocheting is like therapy for me, and something I very much enjoy.

Therefore the shop has been on my mind as well. I’d like to get a few sales soon to help fund Christmas so I’m working on new descriptions and products.

My Avon business was also on my mind for the same reason.

Nothing deep really. I’m grateful for my crochet skills and for the opportunity to revive my business. They provide pocket money and hopefully one day more.

My latest addition to the shop.