November 2nd, 2018 ~ 30 Days

What simple things help you get through each day? What is something you are grateful for that you use every day that you can’t live without?

Okay first half of the question…prayer and caffeine. This girl runs on God’s word and coffee pretty much every day. Not perfectly mind you, I do have days that I don’t get to make the time. Usually this is the morning between my two, back-to-back double shifts. I call that night of sleep my 5 hour nap, which usually is more like 4 hours, before I go back to work for 16 more hours. I don’t get up in time for my 30 minutes with God on that morning because I need every minute of sleep I can get. Sometimes on days off I don’t make the time, which I’m working on changing, because my routine is different than a work day. But the coffee? OH I never go a day without coffee. I’m pretty sure I’d never make it into the shower and get clothes on if I tried that.

My quiet time place

My quiet time in the morning is precious to me. I have my bible, my Proverbs 31 First Five devotion app on my Kindle, and my coffee. The first thing I do is put on a veil, I hold to the verses that say women should not pray uncovered. This practice also helps me focus and is humbling. I kneel by my bed and pour out my heart to God, sometimes deep and other times not so deep issues. After praying I sit in the antique rocker and open the app and my bible I’ve used for 30+ years now, and read the passages and the devotion. Life changing things are there in God’s Word and I love feeding my hungry soul this way. I sip my coffee while pouring over the words and finding take aways there.

As far as something I use every day….the coffee maker. But I want to clarify that I CAN live without it. If the coffee maker were to cease functioning I would be very upset and it would throw off the whole morning and other parts of my day. But pretty sure I won’t drop over dead without it. Thankfully Dunkin Donuts is only a short drive of less than 5 minutes so I’d be able to get my coffee fix. I’d also be on Amazon Prime ordering a new coffee maker!

If you need a good devotional app, try First Five, or She Reads Truth (there is a He Reads Truth for men), or the Good Morning Girls/Women Living Well. All have great material to work from. I tend to switch around depending on the study on any given app, and where I am in most need. She Reads Truth is great because you can pick studies that run for a week or two, to longer.