A Brownie For Breakfast

IMG_1831Yes, you read that correctly! And my brownie, well it was healthy! A ton of vitamins and minerals, 11 grams of protein and only 110 calories. I love eating healthy yet FUN! This time I did it in the microwave but I prefer it done in the oven. I’ve gotten over half of the weight back down that I gained after mom died, so that is something pretty amazing. Just a shift in eating and BAM, 8 pounds down in just over a week.

Can I just give a shout out to those who are brave enough to admit it when they need a little outside help getting over a speed bump in the road of life? Counseling is not for weak folks, it is for the STRONG people! Strong enough to admit that sometimes we just cannot do it all by ourselves. My life is so much better for taking the time out to focus on healing and moving forward.

Sunday afternoon I got in one of my ‘change’ moods. I’ve not been happy with the way I had my office set up in the second bedroom of my apartment, but it was kind of the catch all of things I didn’t know what else to do with, and it lacked organization. With ramping up my Avon business this had to change, and the fact that I just cannot stand not being organized. After several trips to the dumpster, and then dragging furniture around the room, I have finally gotten things where I want them. I like being able to look out of the window so that is where my desk is now located, right under the window! Later today my pink curtains will arrive and I’ll put the icing on my office ‘cupcake’. I never watch TV in bed, my bedroom is my sanctuary where I sleep and do my daily quiet time with God in an antique rocker. So the TV is now in the office. I watched the Bengals game (hey could we not let go of such a huge lead and give me a heart attack???) while getting things in order. I LOVE my office now. I spend a lot of time in here working on Avon, health coaching, sending cards to friends and writing blogs so it needed to be a welcoming place to be.  🙂

The cousins dinner is tonight, and I have a huge pot of chili to get to making so I suppose now would be the time to get off the laptop and get in the shower. Y’all have a MARVELOUS day!