Saturday Coffee Musings ~ Iced Style

I’ve been awake since just after 5am. Guess my body just wants to run on work time. It doesn’t hurt that I was in bed, lights out at around 9pm last night. I had hit the wall and it made sense to just go to bed.

Since rising I’ve been on the go! Stripped my bed, because the cat barfed on the blanket last night so I figured if I’m washing it might as well wash the sheets too. Since it wasn’t 9am yet, and the folks around us like you to hold until then to start laundry, I showered, had breakfast, grabbed the coupons and grocery list and headed out thinking I’d donate plasma then grocery shop.

The plasma center opens at 8am, I arrived at 7:55am to find a line of no less than 30 people waiting for the doors to unlock. THAT wasn’t going to be for me, so headed to the store and did my grocery shopping. Home, unloaded, and sat down to write out and address my cards to my snail-mail gals. I was short 4 stamps. SERIOUSLY???

IMG_1823I put laundry in, grabbed my purse and headed to the ATM first to get cash (the post office in the hardware store doesn’t take credit/debit cards), then to get the stamps, all while chatting on the phone with my daughter. LOVE blue tooth! Her world of little boys sounded rather chaotic, in other words completely normal, so I swung through Dunkin Donuts and grabbed her a Pumpkin Spice Macchiato and a large, iced, Maple Pecan for me. It is liquid super mommy powers in a cup for her. I had 23 more minutes to kill before the dryer would be done (thank you iWatch for the timer!) so I ran by her house and dropped it off. The welcome committee of 3 dogs and a 3yo were in the window, the 1yo was still trying to scale the couch as I drove off. I’m heading back there to crochet and sip coffee and help her maintain what sanity she has left, if we can even locate it, later today. Yes this cup of amazing has cream and sugar, very unhealthy, I know. Ask me if I care today? Just in case you are wondering the answer to that would be NO.

This past week I made some decisions about my life, one of which was that I’m not sure I want to remain a health coach. I canceled the trip to Orlando, sold my room reservation to a friend who is going, and pulled my Avon business off of life support and gave it a healthy dose of CPR. My heart is in Avon, not coaching. My own health is in great shape now and my weight nearly back to pre-death of mom. You can follow my Avon Facebook page for posts about what is on sale and the must haves for the holidays.



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