Why Being Single/Living Alone Rocks

  • You never go to get another cup of coffee only to find ‘someone‘ took the last cup and didn’t start a fresh pot.
  • The thermostat never moves from where you set it.
  • No one hogs the blankets, bed space or pillows.
  • You never use the bathroom only to find an empty toilet paper roll.
  • Those yummy leftovers from dinner out will still be in the refrigerator when you are hungry again.
  • No need to mark the wine bottle, the exact amount remaining won’t change before the next time you feel like a glass.
  • You don’t have to hide your chocolate stash.
  • There is never an empty carton of milk, juice or other beverage in the fridge.
  • No socks or other dirty clothes found on the floor.
  • No one complains that your yarn stash is out of control.
  • Too many orders from Amazon Prime? Never!
  • The toilet seat is always just as you left it.

These are just a few examples of what I enjoy about being single and living alone. Not ruling out (entirely) the presence of a husband in my life again one day, but I’ve learned that I need to embrace every step along the way on this wonderful journey called life!