Heat Or No Heat?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have to laugh at all the folks who were so excited that Fall was coming…only to be complaining already that it is cold! Yep, day time highs are in the 50s, night time this week going down into the 30s. Y’all got what you asked for so please stop whining.

Those same folks who wanted “cooler” temperatures are now turning on the heat to get warm! Baaahaahaaaa! Too funny. Me? Nope, not a chance. Oh, I turned it on for all of 20 minutes to

A) be sure it worked before it gets REALLY cold and would need to wait on a repair man with 9000 others

B) to get that initial yucky smell out of the furnace for when it is on for winter. My thermostat is set at 60 degrees in the apartment. If I get “cold” I’ll wrap up in a blanket.

Funny thing is most folks in these parts would have windows open if it hit 60 degrees, welcoming in the warm temperatures after a long winter. Same ones? Heat is on because 60 in the house is just too cold!

Currently, despite the night time chill, my apartment is hanging at the 65 degree mark. I’m fortunate to be surrounded on top, bottom and one side by other apartments so mine stays pretty comfy all year round. I doubt that I will set it above 66-68 all winter because it costs money and frankly I can probably heat this place walking around during one of my hot flashes.

Wondering how cold it will have to get before everyone is complaining that they wish it was summer again? Give me 90 and humid and I’m quite happy thanks!