What I Am Grateful For…

affection appreciation decoration design
Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

What am I grateful for today?

  1. 68 degrees outside today and sunshine in abundance. It means my windows are open and I am loving it!
  2. While we still have 2 days left in September, it is pretty much okay to decorate for October. This means Halloween throw pillows on my couch and jack o’lantern shower curtain in the bathroom are now acceptable.
  3. Fresh pots of coffee, especially on this beautiful, fall day.
  4. My 3 day weekend is here and I have enough crochet projects to keep me busy for the next 5 years if need be!
  5. All my bills are paid for this month.
  6. I was able to afford new shoes for work this payday, a much needed item that I’ve had to hold off on.
  7. I have food in my fridge and pantry.
  8. I slept great last night.
  9. I can take a nap today if I feel like it, and I just might!
  10. I have 6 people on this planet who call me Nana, and I love them all so much!