Thursday Coffee Ramble

Catchy title, I know! It is actually the best I could even come up with because my brain is just fried lately. So much going on that I just mentally tossed in the towel so to speak.

The final page of the chapter in my life known as the Diva Den is written. Tuesday my sister and I closed on the sale of the house and walked away free of that nightmare. I say that because getting it sold was a total fiasco and to finally have it behind us is a relief. It was emotional last Friday as we gathered the few things left in the house and put them in an indoor storage facility. Mostly Christmas decor that will be hard to pull out in a few months since we will do it without mom. We walked through each room, stood on the deck, and let the memories wash over us as the tears fell. It isn’t the letting it go that is hard, is the letting go of a chapter of our life that lasted 8 years and was so full of fun, laughter and joy with our mom. It was the final piece that could be completed until her body is cremated and ashes returned once the medical student is finished. It was the end of the Diva Den. I’m very happy in my apartment, but it felt like leaving mom behind when we closed the door for the last time.

I’m still a tad raw on the emotional front but doing better.

Today is amazing…so was yesterday, when it comes to the weather. Windows open and fresh air, gentle breeze now and then through the windows. I am LOVING this! It will be back near 90 in a few days, but giving the air conditioning some time off makes me happy.

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Toilets. A necessary evil in life unless we want to return to the days of the outhouse and well no thank you! Ever since moving in here the privy in the master bedroom has been broken. About the 3rd day it putzed out on me. I had to flush it by removing the lid on the tank, and that is just gross. The other one, in the full bath, well you could place a single square of toilet tissue in the water and flush it, then MAYBE it would vanish and MAYBE it wouldn’t. Or it would disappear only to creep back up just when you thought it was gone. I had left messages and then written a note to the landlord but she didn’t address it. I don’t think she really gave a flying frog’s tush. Our building went up for sale about a week after we moved in, and at first we weren’t real happy about it because the owner seemed to stop caring once it was on the market. Now, with a great management company actually DOING things, we are HAPPY DANCING BABY! Yesterday the toilet of mystery was replaced with a brand spanking new one, and the other was repaired. Leave it to my weirdness to get excited about commodes. The cat is probably going to end up in therapy after listening to me sing to her “we have a new potty, we have a new potty!”

My kitty cat now has a new potty too. I was tired of her kicking litter out of her box so I bought a covered one with a swinging door. Take that fur ball!

I suppose I should make dinner now. Not really feeling it but I’m hungry and the cat doesn’t seem interested in making anything for me.

Stay marvelous!