Time Flies, Fun Or Not

Time flies when you’re having fun” is a lie. It always flies by! Oh sure there are days when at work and I’m tired the clock seems to be stopped, but time just moves ahead and at a fast pace.

For example, it hardly seems possible to me that my mom died 82 days ago. Nearly 3 months have passed and it seems like yesterday and yet again long ago too. And Christmas? Well hang on to your hat but that is only 159 days away. YIKES I need to start shopping NOW!

It was just a year ago I was in Dallas having a blast with my daughter-in-law and my good friend and sister-in-Christ, Tracy as we soaked up knowledge on healthy eating and lifestyles at the health coach convention for Optavia. Dallas y’all!! I actually got on a plane without a man to cling to and FLEW to Dallas! It was a huge step outside of my comfort zone.

It is coming up on 8 years since my divorce was final, 8 whole years, 2920 days (give or take one for 2 leap years) of singlehood and learning to navigate life without a husband and finding out I love being single! If I need companionship I’ll keep a cat around.

I gave birth to my last child 28 years ago! And now have 6 grandchildren and love rocking the Nana life! And yet it seems like just yesterday I was 28 with 2 kids, married and struggling to make our house payments.

Life is so incredibly short when you are looking backwards at where you’ve come from! Embrace every moment because before you know it these days are distant memories.