Wine & Cheese ~ 2nd Serving 2018

wineandcheese2Some Wednesdays I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just search past postings. Sit back and join me now for a serving of some whine and cheese!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦 OH I had such good intentions when I did the first serving of 2018! But life happened. Taking care of mom and working were my top priorities. And it ate up a lot of my time. I wanted to soak up every single moment we had left and so I did. For that I’m grateful.

😦 It is raining hard and storming. I hate driving in the rain because it means sooner or later you reach your destination and have to get out of the car. A girl this sweet could melt ya know!?

😦 My cat is beginning to get on my last nerve. Between the middle of the night hair ball expulsions (2:30am on a recent night) and attacking my air plant, she is seriously pushing my patience. I get it, she is a cat, I cannot expect her to act like anything other than a cat. But really, let me handle killing the air plant, it is simply a matter of time before I do.


🙂 My goal to get snail mail in others mailboxes, and my own, is going well! Every week something is showing up that is not a bill, and sometimes numerous notes or cards! I LOVE this project! I received note cards I had purchased from an Etsy shop and LOVE them! Product review coming soon! I cannot wait to get these filled with hand written notes and put in the mail!

🙂 Life is becoming more normal. As in I have routines and feel settled at last. It is not without certain moments or funks, but those are just part of getting through the grieving process. And while I miss my mom terribly, I’m happy. I love my apartment! I miss caring for my mom, but hadn’t realized how much time was spent doing that because it came on gradually. I was worried about how I’d fill that time but I’m back to reading, crocheting and writing again, all good ways to heal as well as accomplish goals. Mom would definitely approve, she loved the blog and the items I crocheted.

🙂 Losing mom sucked, but it has brought me and my siblings closer together and we have re-bonded. Over the years of raising kids we all drifted a bit. Still ‘close’ but not like we had been long ago. We all stay in touch better now and that rocks. I missed them! 🙂