Tuesday Top 10: Apps

top 10.jpgIt is Tuesday, and time for a top 10. 

Today’s Top 10 is Apps for my iPhone! My top 10 favorite apps, in no particular order:

  1. Life360 – this lets me and whoever is in my ‘circle’ see where everyone is, and see them moving if they are on the go. Good app for the family!
  2. CinchShare – This app allows me to create posts for Twitter and Facebook in advance, schedule them and it does the rest. For my coaching business and Avon, it is a must! I spend a few hours once a week setting up the posts and the app takes it from there.
  3. Facebook – yes and oldie but goodie. I love seeing what my kids, grandkids, siblings and other family and friends are up too!
  4. Twitter – I still love the ability to grab info in small chunks and determine from there if I want more. Twitter is a lot of fun for that!
  5. SnapChat – I have entirely too much fun with the filters on this app. And really, it is just for fun.
  6. Instagram – because doesn’t everyone want to see what everyone else is eating for dinner? It is a fun app, just don’t take it or yourself too seriously with it!
  7. MyWater – I love this app because not only do I keep track of my water intake, it reminds me throughout the day to drink some more!
  8. Relax M.S. – I love the sounds on this app. I use the crickets and grove combined to help me sleep. Better than white noise it is super relaxing for me and I don’t hear other things that might be distracting.
  9. WTForcast – a basic weather app that is really snarky. In fact it has controls because the language can be rough. I use the cleaner setting, and find it highly amusing.
  10. SheReadsTruth – my favorite bible study app! I can do free studies on it or purchase a study for $1.99 and use it daily for weeks!