Monday Memos

monday-memosDear Pixel Kitty,

Please leave mama’s air plant alone! It is barely clinging to life most weeks as it is. I forget to stick it in water every few days but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I’m trying to keep it alive and even have it in my planner now as a task in an effort to keep it out of the hands of death. You playing with it up and down the hallway is not going to do anything but contribute to its demise.

With much love,

Your only remaining staff member


Dear Fellow Shoppers,

The cart, when you finish your shopping, has a designated safe place to be parked. You just walked the entire grocery store, you can drag yourself another 25 feet to that spot to place your shopping cart. There are at least 3 of these spots on EACH side of every row of parking places. You know, those ones you tried to pull into before you noticed your car wouldn’t fit and you sat dumbfounded looking at it for 5 minutes before nearly backing into everyone waiting for you to wake up. Oh and give it a good push so it connects with the one ahead of it. See, this saves space so a few dozen carts can be placed there rather than 4!


A fellow shopper believing you can be trained and there is hope for you yet!


Dear Sweet Self,

Way to stay on top of the laundry there chicka! No Mt. Washmore here, not even a small cluster of rolling hills! And not a single missing sock in the past 58 days! Celebrate with another cup of coffee, you marvelous, amazing little Princess Of The Laundry Room! Let that tiara shine!

Much love,

Your inner adult