Rain And Hair Balls From Hell

No matter what the weather forecast, if you need it to rain, I’m the girl for the job. My magic formula is really simple but unless you have this special gift it won’t work for you. I have no idea what this special gift is called, mind you, but I have it. My daughter seems to have inherited it from me as well. Sorry baby girl.

First, I look out and the sun is shining. I check my phone, no rain on the radar so the coast is clear. Then I grab my recipe book full of those lean & green meals I enjoy eating, my grocery list, and I start planning the menu for the coming two weeks. Checking supplies on hand, the list is then created and off to the store I go. Wandering the aisles of my grocery store, and I do mean wander because I will have to back track no less than 20 times from one end to the other and back again (no doubt by the 4th trip there are folks assuming I’m working in security watching shop lifters), I gather the items on my list. Once finished it is off to the register to check out, pay and make for the car. By the time I’m exiting the store it will now be raining. Sigh. I drive home, bring in the groceries with the water drumming on my head and by the time the last item is put away the rain will stop as if on cue. No joke, I swear, it never seems to fail. If you live in my area and the flowers need watering, just let me know.

flamingoOn a positive note I did find this pretty cool coffee cup that I simply could not pass up. I love the tropical weather down south and anything emblazoned with a pink flamingo (it is my favorite color after all) is a win.

Get a cat, they said. It’ll be FUN they said. This morning at 3:30 a.m. it was anything but a good time. I woke to the sounds of something demonic being exorcised from my cat as she is wretching loudly and out from her mouth at lighting speed comes a huge, black, hairball. This was followed with an encore performance which produced another furry deposit before she bolted from the room into the darkness down the hall toward the living room. I turned on the light, nearly blinding myself, and with one eye half opened and now watering, went and got the Awesome spray (seriously that is what it is called, it is sold at Dollar Tree and lives up to its name), some paper towels and cleaned up the mess. To say it was lacking in excitement for me would be understating things. This is not even a  minus 2 star experience in happy land. Once the lights were off and I was back in my big, comfy bed, the cat sat over me like a vulture, hoping to help me read her mind that she was hungry, and since I was already awake….but she read my mind and realized this continued attempt for some fishy pate’ just might cost her a few lives and she retreated to the end of the bed to go back to sleep.

As it is Friday, I’m off work today. It is also my 3 day weekend which rolls around every other weekend. I had planned to sleep in after staying up until 11:30 p.m. reading. At 6:30 a.m. I was wide awake. As of this writing I’ve been up 8.5 hours, accomplished everything on my to do list (except for the snoozing in) and a few things that were not. At least it has been productive. Time to go use that marvelous new coffee cup!