Saturday Morning Coffee & A New Focus

Close up of cup of coffee with pink roseI put an idea out there on Facebook via video that it would be so nice to return to a time when people wrote notes, sent cards for occasions or a letter just because, rather than a Facebook post for these events.

When mom died at the end of April, my mailbox would have cards in it each day for about a week or so and it was so nice to have something to physically hold in my hand that said I was being prayed for, I was loved, thought of and cared about through that ordeal. It felt like extra support and I have pulled them out now and then when I am having a “missing her” moment to re-read those encouraging words. But like life, folks move on and the mailbox goes back to being just bills or an empty space.

I decided to stick it out there and see if I had any others who wanted to start sending each other a note, funny card, recipe, article…anything that struck a cord at the moment it was seen that one had a desire to share. But, rather than text it or post it to social media, put it in the “snail” mail! 5 people responded, and since I had suggested this in the past (like um over a year ago…) and had interest but didn’t pursue it, I grabbed 2 others from back then and started a list. I pulled out note cards, found a funny cartoon to print off, put a personal note in each and mailed them. Small start but I at least did it this time!

I’m hoping to grow this into a sort of happy-mail, mailbox ministry if you will, a way to spread sunshine and joy to others. I want it to become more personalized to each recipient but had to just get it started so I did. And this creates my Christmas card list! I’ll start asking for birthdays, anniversaries, whatever folks on my list want to share so I can make sure to get those sent out.