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Yes I am still here, just been up to my eyeballs in busy. Thank the Lord for whoever figured out that those lovely beans, crushed and bathed in hot water made the wonderful drink we call coffee!

I’m in classes to get certified to pass meds as an aide, making me a MA-C rather than just a STNA.  4 weeks of classes, hundreds of drugs I need to know, and body systems…I’m brain imploded.  On top of that 5 days a week, I’m working weekends, both days, at my new part time job in another facility, and trying to keep up with projects for my shop. My free time to write my blog and work on my novel is scarce but I’m trying to do it all because that is just what I do. Yes, I am crazy.

I have had more than a few “what was I thinking” moments since starting classes, this is a LOT to learn. Not just the drugs, but their classifications, side effects, lots of anatomy and physiology (though I do love that stuff), then trying to study and still have something that resembles a life outside of class and working.

The new job is at an assisted living facility, so physically it is less wear and tear on my body, but still lots of steps in between all of the apartments, and more residents assigned to me because of the lesser degree of hands on care needed.  It is also a bit more of a drive, 20-25 minutes vs. the 5-7 for my full time job. But it is all good, I’ve got this!  Already LOVE my new residents, this line of work is simply awesome.

More to come, just need to find more time, or learn how to use the app from my phone to write on my breaks!


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  1. You’re amazing!! School AND Work?! I know how hard that can be since I worked part time through university too. It’s tough, but sure worth it.

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