Tuesday Coffee Chat (Back From The Dead)

Yes, I am alive, and even well.  Almost anyway, maybe 85% but that is enough to get back up on this horse called LIFE and ride like I stole it!  What better way to do that than join in with Rory Bore at Ink Interrupted for the Tuesday Coffee Chat!

How’s it Hanging?   
Tell us about one of your favourite hangouts.

Easy peasy, one of my very favorite places to hang out and chill is my room!  Seriously it is without a doubt my best spot for thinking, planning, writing, crocheting, praying, meditating, recovering from illness….I’ve made it my nest of sorts and it is my place to just BE.

My music is handy when I’m working there, and my desk is by the window so when it is warm (will it ever truly be spring and warm again?) my window is open, breeze moving the curtains as it whispers across my skin, birds can be heard singing and kids laughter as they play in the neighborhood.

Another favorite is the deck, because I love being outside in the park like setting we have here.  Me, a book or crochet project, under the trees or watching for deer to cut through the yard in search of food.




Both of these places are my havens, places of refuge that I enjoy.

Where do you like to hang?


  1. I with Stacy — perfect place for a diva party!!! I love your deck and that gorgeous natural setting. I like being outdoors on my deck, but I hate being so close to other houses. The lack of privacy, not to mention every man wants to mow his lawn when I am out there, is not really conducive to tranquility. I like my bedroom much more now that we finally decorated it to suit us this past year. Except hubby being a shift worker is usually opposite sleep.

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