Back To Sneeze, Cough, Blow…UGH

Nothing says hello Spring like allergies going nuts.  Mine are out of control.  At least I assume that is it, I really don’t feel bad other than my head is stuffy, nose running, and coughing up yuck.  Oh, and my voice taking its semi-annual hiatus.  I cannot sleep well because I cannot breathe, so I am tired.  This just sucks.

I’ve been working a lot, and when not working just being.  Life is just nuts it seems. I don’t feel like doing a lot to be honest.  But then came the annual all-church journey again, so now I have a direction.  I’m going to be Brave, and attempt to get my non-fiction book finished. I also want to build up my Avon business.  Means I need to focus on my One Word for this year, 4 months into it already, DISCIPLINE.  And that is the very last thing I wanted to do, get disciplined and actually do something.

I believe it is a good thing to mentally and physically just exist, take a  break from everything in life outside of what you must do, like earn a living.  Trouble is being careful not to unpack and live in that space and time.  I’ve cleaned my room, purged my closet, started working on projects for my Etsy store, started ramping up my AVON business again, and now I’m going to focus on writing a book.  Hey, nothing like zero to ninety over night! This is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile? Well work is awesome.  No really, it is.  Sure, I feed adults, change their diapers, bathe them, help them to the bathroom, get them dressed, transport them around the facility as needed, keep an eye on things their nurses need to know, talk with them, love on them…and it really is an incredible job.  I leave there knowing I did something that matters that day.  I only wish it wasn’t so darn physical because at nearly 53 it is killing me!  I log 20,000+ steps in a work day, pull, push, roll folks and their chairs weighing as much as 275 pounds for 12.5 hours. But I cannot imagine not doing it.  I work with a great team of aides, especially the other half of Team M&M (Marti and Marianne).  I’m actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow and Sunday because she and I get it done together.  I wish I had found this long ago!

I’ll keep you updated on the book progress, and if you want to purchase any lipstick, you know where to find me!





  1. I definitely agree with taking those rests to just Be. Still They come all too infrequently — even for me a stay at home mom with her kids in school during the day. People assume I must have a ton of free time. Well yes, I could; if I was a complete lazy a$$. Ha. But I find things to occupy my time – besides Netflix – the trick is finding the Right Things. The worthy ones. And like you said about your job, even though those things keep me busy and take away from Be Still time; they add so much more to my life than they take away. You and I maybe found the secret to life! 🙂

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