Cough, Sneeze, Bloooow!

20160122_095044The smell of Eucalyptus and Peppermint is filling my room as I’m sitting here, the diffuser kicking it out in a nice, fine mist.  I’ve been dealing with sniffles for a few days, then yesterday woke up with no voice to speak of and my head pulling over time as a snot factory.  Denial is not going to change this situation, I’m sick and have to accept that fact.

Good Intentions

This whole year so far has been hectic around the Diva Den, and we’re only 22 days into it! Our Christmas tree is still standing, decorated in the living room because we all got into serious wedding mode once the holidays were past us.  My niece, a former member of the household, got married on 1/16 and everyone was more concerned with getting the final prep done, clothes chosen etc, than with packing up our holiday decor.  I also was still pulling 5 or 6 days a week, 12.5 hour shifts at work, so the very last thing on my mind was getting the storage containers ordered to use for the 3 sections of the very large tree.  It arrived compacted in to a very small box by comparison to the size once out and fluffed and nothing short of an act of God is going to get it back in there without damaging the branches.  Those containers arrived Tuesday, and the intent was to pack it up yesterday.

Yesterday arrived with me sick, my sister recovering from sinus surgery, my other niece sleeping because she works nights now, and mom getting a chemo treatment.  The tree continues to grace the room.  Maybe over the weekend we can get to that if my sister and I are feeling up to it, though at this point I would not bet money on the activity taking place.


Today, while nursing this dreadful, creeping crud in my body, I’m waiting for the snow to begin falling.  Yesterday I had to stop at the store to get logs for our fire place, and more tissues because we were getting dangerously low on those disposable snot rags.  Wrong day to need anything with a huge snow storm in the forecast but thankfully I was there early, before all of the bread-milk-eggs brigade could descend on the aisles and stock up like we will be snowed in for a decade rather than a few hours.  And now, the last time I saw a report we’d gone from 8+ to around 1-2 inches of expected snowfall.  The original did well for the grocery store sales as always.  Still cannot for the life of me figure out why everyone stocks those items for a blizzard.  If I am going to be hunkered down for several days I want wine, steak, and plenty of good snacks, not french toast!

I’m honestly bummed that we aren’t supposed to get more snow, I was looking forward to the bigger amount!  Yes, I do detest being cold, but if there are no leaves on the trees, the sky is gray and the grass brown, then let it snow and make the world outside beautiful.

Smelling The Roses

As much as I would like to be living in Sarasota, I’ve come to realize I would miss the change of seasons.  I’ve learned to live IN the moment, as the reality that it is all we are promised has sunk in, and each season brings special times and memories to be made. Stopping to really smell the roses of life, to focus, has helped me really appreciate every detail including winter weather.  My job has been such an eye opener to enjoying and embracing each moment of every day, and the circumstances surrounding it.  I suppose that could be called maturing?  Or just really appreciating what God has for me in every part of my life, right here, right now.

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  1. I say leave it and make a Valentines tree!! I think it would look beautiful. I can’t believe everyone seems to have more snow than us! We need more so the kids can sled. I am expressing gratitude every single day here: no one has been sick yet!! Except one mild case of pink eye that cleared up in 3 days, but no cold or flus. Last year was CONSTANT! I think we fit about 5 years of illness in last year; so here is to knock knocking on tree wood that it continues. Speedy recovery!

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