My Stylist Is In Witness Protection

Seriously beginning to think so anyway, as it took days to get a response for a cut and color, a few more to set a date and time.  Then, she had to cancel this past Thursday and I haven’t been able to elicit a response for a reschedule.  I NEED a haircut in the worst way. Color can wait, I’m growing out my natural color and so I don’t mind if it isn’t colored but the cut is a must have, and she seems to have disappeared into some kind of stylist witness protection program.  I hate this!!!  Currently on the hunt for a new scissors chick to cut my locks, hoping to achieve this today.


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  1. My stylist probably thinks I am the one who has fallen off the face of the earth! And you can probably see my grey roots all the way from there!!! Yikes. Time to get a colour for sure. I’ve been wearing headbands and silk scarf wraps…. you’d think that would have been a sign. LOL

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