This Marvelous Life

And make no mistake, it is indeed marvelous!

I’m blessed every day when I wake up and know that I rest in the grip of the One who created the universe and all things it holds.

My journey of late has gone through some intensive self reflection and prayer, as our church was gearing up for a new financial campaign.  Too much to go into but you can watch it all on the church website, and you can download the app, Crossroads Anywhere, from the app stores, for free, and live stream services, do the study with us each week etc., if you are searching for a church home or just want a little extra.

During some intense, self guided prayer a week ago Friday, as part of that campaign, I really felt God was telling me some things.  For one, keeping my spiritual life and ‘other’ life in individual blogs, may not be the best thing.  My faith is part of what defines me.  In fact it DOES define me.  I’m a Christian who happens to be a single senior (per the AARP I am a senior citizen), a CNA, and a host of other hats I wear.  But first and foremost, I’m the daughter of the Most High God.  As such I needed to reevaluate how I use my social media and blogs.

I’ve made all apologies that I have to make. Some accepted them, others opted to ungraciously attack my motives. That is on them, and between them and God to sort out.

One thing I do know is that I’ve asked someone to keep me accountable to stop posting negative things about the goings on in the world, and start using my various social media forums for spreading encouragement, positive, and yes, faith based things.  This may mean it is time to combine my 3 blogs into one (other than my Avon blog).  It will mean a change in the title, URL etc, but never fear, that will be a smooth transition.  Marvelous Martha, AKA – Marvi Marti, just happens to be a prodigal princess.  A royal daughter of God who got lost and is now back where she belongs.  I won’t remove any posts from the past, it is all who I am.

My spiritual journey blog has been renamed, The Prodigal Princess.  It will also become far more active than it has been.  At some point I just might combine both blogs into one, we shall see.

More updates to come, but until then, be MARVELOUS!

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  1. It is indeed marvelous. We have been given Good Gifts, and is our responsibility to use them the correct way, and to spread the Hope and Love that is found in them. Not always easy in this world run amuck, but we certainly don’t have to add to those bad vibes, do we? I’d much rather point out the beauty He made that is all around us also.

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