Snowmagedon Coming Soon!

10523836_10153066700611031_5274101490780350214_nI swear nothing causes panic in these parts like snow. AKA: white death.

The local news stations will cover this for their entire forecasts, with reporters all over town to show us from 20 locations that OHMYGOSH IT’S SNOWING!!!!  And because this is coming you won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread, let alone a parking spot, at the local grocery stores.

Normally we would have gone to the grocery store yesterday, for the regular, every 2 weeks trip.  But NOOOO, we waited until today.  Because we didn’t know that this morning we’d wake up to a winter storm watch that would become a winter storm warning as this day has progressed.  Naturally we expected total insanity at the store and no one let us down.

10 deep in line at each register, maybe more as I couldn’t see down the aisles that lines snaked into.  This is just plain stupidity too.  We do not get trapped here in Cincinnati, Ohio, because in winter it does typically snow in these here parts.  Therefore we have snow plows! And salt!  And at best we might have to wait it all out for a few hours or MAYBE over night.  To see this kind of craziness at the store one would think we’d be snowed in for the entire winter.

10979412_788634397888753_1381596223_nNow, mom and I just laughed as the aisles got more and more crowded and folks moved slower and slower.  It was just nuts.  We finally got in line and looked around at this sight.  Then, in front of us, a couple with massive amounts of items in their cart started unloading for check out.  He was doing it all wrong, she took over and talk about OCD issues!  Things had to be unloaded in a particular order, so things were all grouped together in a way only she understood.  They took forever to do this.  It gets better!  When it was all rang up and bagged up to their standards, and it was time to pay for their groceries, they couldn’t find their debit/credit card.  Both going through their wallets and her purse until finally they were able to locate it.  Seems the OCD tendencies don’t reach their wallet organization at all.

The snow will begin late tonight, and right now we are slated for over 6 inches.  Just south, 12 inches.  I’m praying this whole storm sinks southward and far away from us but when I commented as such on one of the local meteorologist’s Facebook post, he told me not too bet on that.  DANG!  More likely, as would be par for the course for me, it will move more north and I’ll be shoveling a foot of this crap off the driveway come tomorrow evening.


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  1. par for the course up here! I can’t remember the last time anything actually shut down. I actually drove to the store to get milk the other day in the blizzard. ha I mean, I learned to drive in snowy conditions, and have great snow tires, so it’s all about having the right tools. Hopefully it didn’t turn out too bad for you.

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