Making Memories

I love the holidays, the sights, sounds, foods…it’s all magical in some way to me.  Probably because I am a total kid at heart.  I am not huge on the whole gift giving thing, in fact it is highly over rated in my opinion.  Every year parents on a quest to out do the year before, husbands and wives stressing over the perfect present for their spouse.  It’s all insane and just dumb.  No one can purchase the things I want in a store because the only thing I ever want is time.  In that time together I prefer to make memories with those I hold close to my heart.  Keep the rest, give me the most precious thing of all, time spent together having fun.

Tuesday evening The Badge took me out for sushi and then to The Festival Of Lights.  I had such a great time!  Then Wednesday we went to the Thanksgiving Eve service at church then out for a few drinks.  We had gone out after church Sunday to watch the Bengals game and consume beer and eat junk food.  I’ve seen quite a lot of him this week and enjoyed every second. A lot of laughs, a lot of great memories!

Thanksgiving this year was another quality time of making lasting remembrances.  We brought my dad over from the nursing home and had dinner.  Later my kids and their families, and one of my brothers and his kids, all came over.  That was when a whole series of memories were made!

10811634_740756649343195_610114151_nFirst my daughter walks in and hands me a bottle of wine.  I was a tad puzzled until I read the label, which said “Drink this for me, I’ll join you soon. Baby Neyer coming June 2015″.  As it sank in my heart soared, my baby girl is pregnant with her first child.  They sat on the news for 9 weeks, then over the past 2 days found creative ways to tell their parents and siblings that they are expecting.  It is everything I have to contain it!

My brother and his wife arrived next with their son in tow, and then their daughter and her boyfriend arrived and my son and his family.  Shortly after that someone got the idea to play Catch Phrase, which is available as an app for your phone.  I laughed so hard so many times I couldn’t breathe and my sides are sore today.  When my mom finally had to call it a night, we moved the party to my daughter’s house.

These are the things that make me smile, that cannot be purchased and wrapped.  They are priceless treasures to me and I cannot imagine anything bought in a store that could give me the joy I have from these events over this past week.

I thank God for such  wonderful, blessing filled week!

My dad and his great-grandson
My dad and his great-grandson


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  1. yeah!!! Congratulations!! How wonderful and what a creative way to share the news. awesome.
    I agree – time is the best gift. I mean, I can think of lots of things my worldly mind would WANT — but there is nothing else I really need but my loved ones around.
    well, maybe some good chocolate 🙂

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