Thursday Evening Coffee Musings

Close up of cup of coffee with pink roseHighlander Grogg in the cup, Zen Garden on Pandora, 2 cats sleeping on my bed, dinner in the stomach and dishes are done.  Okay now no cats are on the bed, one vacated and one is messing with my curtain to annoy me into paying attention to her.

Did you know that the wine glasses used by Olivia Pope on Scandal can be ordered from Crate and Barrel?  To the tune of $14.95, as each is hand crafted.  I believe the stems are 10 inches, and the glass holds 23 ounces of wine.  They are one of those luxuries one rarely buys for themselves so one’s sister does it for you so that you can have the glass used by one of your favorite, fictional, powerful women.  We now own 3 here at Diva central.  It is very easy to pour half a bottle of wine into a 23 ounce glass without batting an eye because it appears to be only half a glass.  In other words very easy to end up schnockered if you are not careful.  But how can I be drunk, I only had 2 glasses of wine?  Never did I imagine I’d be sipping wine out of a glass that typically is more expensive than the bottle of wine I am pouring into it!

Have I mentioned how much I hate winter in any recent posts?  Just checking.

Oh joy, my cat has returned and is stretched out with her back paws on the bed, front ones on the back of my chair, trying to get me to scratch her head.  She is so spoiled.

I made a dangerous discovery the other day.  Our library can loan ebooks for my Kindle.  I download right from the site and in 2 weeks it disappears unless I finish earlier and go return it.  This means I may never leave the comfort of my pillows until it is warm again.  Coffee or wine, and good books are my downfall.

Another recent discovery is that Neopets still exists.  This is also bad, as I was very hooked on it in the past.  I’m trying to block time in my day for such things then walking away from it or I may not only never leave the bed, I very well might not sleep for days at a time.

What is with this winter, mid-season finale stuff with all the TV shows???  My week is all neatly planned out for the few I watch and now things are ending in cliff hangers until late January and early February??  Thankfully Downton Abbey returns in January, though that one is entirely too short a season.

I know I haven’t posted anything deep lately, my brain is on hiatus.  I’ll have one soon, been pondering some things lately that are close to being formed into something of substance so hang in there.

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  1. I just get into all my shows…. and then Poof! they disappear for a month! Like what? annoying.
    But yes to Downton Abbey returning – at least something to look forward to.
    I think the restaurant we had our Christmas Do at uses big glasses like that. And cute waiters to fill them up for you. You may never leave your pillow…. I may never eat at home again!! LOL

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