Wednesday Wine Musings – Change

camille-23-oz_-red-wine-glassI usually write a Wine & Cheese post on Wednesday, but today it is all about the wine.  No, not the ‘whine’ where I complain, but rather the wine that is currently in my Olivia Pope style wine glass sitting on the desk next to my laptop.  It’s about the wine, Zen Garden on Pandora, peppermint essential oil in the diffuser and writing.  These books are not writing themselves.  But the blog has been lacking and I had committed to writing daily for NaBloPoMo, which as usual my great intentions were hijacked by life.  Oh well.

About 2 weeks after I dyed my hair auburn, I regretted it again.  I know my kids think I look  younger with it but I missed my blond.  It is very hard when having a crazy moment to put a streak of fun color in auburn hair.  When it grew in at all the roots of my natural blond hair looked gray and would tend to make my hair look as if it was thinning because of the contrast.  Then someone else tossed their .02 cents on the topic (okay, more like several someones) and I started saving to go back to blond.  Yesterday my stylist came over and did some serious, professional bleaching and about 90 minutes later I was back to being bleach blond.  I found a super cute, edgy style too so she cut it for me.  Today I stopped in her salon and had the eyebrows waxed and she did the layer just beneath my bangs in a really deep, fuscia pink.  It rocks.  Gone are the spikes on the back of my head, gone is the coppery color.  Gone are the eyebrows that were out of control.  Mine are not super fuzzy or thick, I just cannot stand to pluck them.  My eyes tear up and I cannot see, it’s a royal pain in the tail, so I go get them waxed. Yes that hurts but it’s over with quickly.

I am still going through an adjustment without my little side kick.  I opened the front door when my daughter stopped by the other day and we were both tearing up a bit because Penny was missing.  She always ran to the door when my daughter came over and wagged her little stump of a tail so hard her whole body got in on the act.  This time there was no sweet little pooch to greet her.  Yesterday I opened it to go get the mail, and turned to stop Penny and tell her to be quiet before I realized she wasn’t going to come running through the house, barking like crazy.  She felt it was her sole responsibility to protect me.  I cried to the mailbox and back.  Today I went and picked up her ashes from the vet, and honestly I got just a tad angry.  The good morning nose licks, the trying to protect me, playing with her on the floor and walking her all exchanged for a little tin with a plastic bag containing barely a handful of ash just is a pretty shitty swap out.

My nails are back, and while that thrills me to pieces it is annoying too.  I have a lot of rings, I love them, and unless I have nails I don’t wear them.  Nails make me feel feminine, and is one of the few things I will treat myself too whenever possible.  So while I am very happy to have them, they make typing a real pain.  If I do nails, I do them long. Very long.  Grrrrr.  However, I won’t take them off unless I cannot afford them.  As long as I have money to do them, they will be there with the exception of a week or two in July when I plan to go to New Orleans with our church to help with the continued rebuilding of homes there and cleaning up blighted properties.  I have a feeling that building houses with nails is not wise, so I will have them taken off or cut way down for that, then replace them when I get back.

Because the New Orleans trip is in July, with 100% humidity and a lot of physical work, I’ve started adjusting what I eat and the walking starts up again next week.  And maybe the Insanity work-out DVDs.  I need to get in far better shape physically for this trip if I want to be useful.  And water, drinking tons of water again.

Yesterday I spent some time looking at my Pinterest boards and what a mess.  I combined several boards, got them back in alphabetical order so my OCD tendencies stayed in sync, and now I’m going through one board at a time deleting anything that makes no sense to be there.  I pin so much that I will never use, need, make etc that it seems ridiculous to have it all.  But that will be an ongoing project.  I also narrowed down my Twitter again and stopped following a bunch of tweeters.  More to come on that one as well, as I just don’t have the time or interest in many.

Okay back to writing the books.  Oh heck who am I kidding, I’ll probably read one rather than write!



  1. I LOVE the blonde with the pink!! Amazing and you look awesome. I went for a bit of va va voom red in my locks today. And it feels great – so I don’t care if others like it, or think I am too old to rock it.
    I actually deleted my Pinterest! Can you imagine? I just found I kept pinning stuff – and rarely doing anything with it. I had other interests to explore and something had to go. I pare down Twitter sometimes too – but mostly, I just don’t go on much except to share blog posts I loved.

    So sorry about the loss of your pet 😦
    I still miss and shed a tear over my dog that died when I was a child.

  2. Well, I think (and this is just ONE old woman’s opinion) that you look younger blonde. I like the pink streaks, but not the pink bangs. they remind me of Miley Cyrus for some reason. Other than that…you ROCK blonde. Just being honest. And I know exactly how you feel about getting the ashes back. What made me mad is the way that they tell you that for $60 we will cremate your pet and when we get enough gathered pet ashes, we will spread them in a horse field….OR for $160 we will cremate your pet and get the ashes back to you today and they will be just your pet’s ashes. Really? While I’m grieving, you’re gonna pull this shit? It worked though, I spent the big bucks but it was worth it to me, even though I couldn’t afford it. It’s the same damn thing they used to do at Sears and the baby portraits before digital. They would show you the proofs and when you make the mistake of asking what will happen to the ones that I really can’t afford to buy? “Why they go right in the trash new Mother that is in love with all the pictures”. Sooooooo? We buy them all.

    I wish I could discipline myself enough to get busy on the book myself….but I have a NEW distraction that is keeping me pretty stirred up with excitment. Film at eleven !!!

    • We were fortunate. Before we arrived some unknown angel had already paid the bill so all we had to do was be with her and mourn as she slipped away.

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