Tuesday Tid-Bits

Tuesday tidbitsI was supposed to be writing every day as a part of the NaBloPoMo but yesterday I just felt icky.  Today I have lingering sniffles and muscle aches just under my sternum and between my rib cage.  You know the kind, the aches you get when you work out?  Only I have not been working out unless pouring a glass of wine counts, or lifting my Kindle.  I didn’t even get dressed yesterday or shower, just didn’t feel up to it.  My niece refers to this as “channeling our inner smelly Mellie“as in the first lady on Scandal, who this season is mourning the loss of the first son by going days without a shower or changing from her jammies and really needs some mental help.  So, since I missed out on Monday Memos, you get Tuesday Tid-Bits.


Dear Pixel Kitten,

Look cat, I really appreciate that you feel the need to comfort me in my time of loss of the dog.  Reality is I know it isn’t about me at all, but about you, reclaiming the bed now that the doggie is gone.  But we need to get something straight here, this is MY bed.  You are welcome to sleep on it with me but when I decide to move my leg, roll over, or in any other way inconvenience you when I relocate, it is not at all appropriate for you to protest loudly.  Stuff your meowing complaints and go back down to sleep on the couch if this isn’t working for you.  My bed, my rules.


Your OWNER (I am NOT staff!)


Dear Me,

Oh yes, total win for me.  Wandering into the laundry room with the hangers just as the dryer ends.  What timing.  Now if only the darn thing could send a text when it’s finished life would be wrinkle free all of the time.


A great idea dreamer.


Dear Brain,

Night time is for sleeping, but for some reason you cannot shut off at night.  Tonight, instead of a glass of wine, I am yanking out the heavy artillery.  Hot herbal tea, chamomile and valerian root to be specific.  Lavender essential oil in the diffuser.  You will shut down and go to sleep tonight like it or not.




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  1. I had that achey feeling too… I swear it felt like I broke a couple of ribs with all the coughing I was doing. Today was the first day waking up feeling not too bad.
    And our cat has decided suddenly I am the perfect night time cuddle companion too. I don’t know if it was because I was sick and he was just feeling sorry for me — or if he sensed my weakness and knew it was a good time to plot his takeover. Cats — could go either way! 🙂

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