Tuesday Coffee Chat – Names

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Today’s chat topic:  What does your name mean? If you use an alias, tell why you choose that particular moniker.

Okay we’ll just get the technical jumbo out of the way from http://www.thinkbabynames.com:

Martha meaning and name origin

Martha \m(a)-rtha, martha\ as a girl’s name is pronounced MAR-tha. It is of Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Martha is “lady; mistress of the house“. Biblical: the sister of Mary and Lazarus. She is patron saint of the helping professions. The name was revived by and popular with the Puritans. Lifestyle maven Martha Stewart; First Lady Martha Washington; dancer Martha Graham; Martha “Calamity” Jane Burke; actress Martha Plimpton.

Martha has 33 variant forms: Maarva, Marfa, Marhta, Mariet, Marit, Mart, Marta, Marte, Martella, Martelle, Marth, Marthe, Marthena, Marthine, Marthini, Marthy, Marti, Martie, Martina, Martita, Martje, Martta, Marty, Martynne, Martyne, Marva, Mata, Matha, Matti, Mattie, Mirtha, Pat and Pattie.

While we’re at it, Urban Dictionary defines Martha as:

(noun)a term used to describe a girl who’s a genuine badass; a successful independent woman who doesn’t take crap from no one and is well respected by everyone; everyone she meets loves her and just flat out envies how bad-ass she is; may be used in adj. form

a beautiful girl that is often mistaken for being quiet but is definitely not.

-meaning: one who is beautiful, inside and out.

-of the roman decent

And for shits and giggles:

A woman with obvious sex appeal, class, and intelligence who turns heads when she walks into a room.

I was named for my mom, and her mother, Martha.  With varying middle names.  But Marti is what we were called.  Mom was, I am and that is how it goes.

I like my name, both Martha and Marti.  But Martha has a very emotional connection to my grandfather so you have to earn the right to call me that and so far, no man ever has since his death.  Marti is the name I have had since birth and so that is what I use. I do have a pen name that I will be using to write my books under but that one doesn’t get shared.  Sorry.  I have bought the URLs for the pen name so that I have them when ready to publish the books.  I will of course let my readers know at that time, but until then, I am not ready to share.





  1. I think that is very special between you and your grandfather! But I love that it means “lady” — that’s so cool. I’d like to be “lady”
    Ha – I love the definition for “Marti” – that urban dictionary is such a flirt!!! LOL But I’ve seen your picture and I bet you DO turn heads!

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