Tuesday Coffee Chat – Most Beautiful Word

It’s Tuesday, which means it is time to chat over our coffee.  But I understand that not everyone drinks coffee, we can’t all be perfect.  So feel free to grab your tea, soda, water, wine, whatever works for you.

Today the chat question is:  What is the most beautiful word in the world?

Now that is a tough one because words are amazing and I am not certain I have just one I think is most beautiful.  But there are some that stand out above the others.  So, for the chat sake, I will go with:  Nana 

Yep it is currently my favorite, probably because I am now into that chapter of life.  I LOVE my grandchildren.  I have 4 now, 2 that carry my blood, but all 4 carry my heart.  To me the 2 that don’t carry my blood are just as much mine as if they did, I don’t care for the term ‘step-grandchild’, to me they are all my grandbabies.   They are my joy, no doubt.

This is partially because in order to be a grandmother, you first are a mother.  Being a mom was an incredible experience, so it stands to reason that when your children start having their own, it is just that much better.

My grandkids have multiple grandmothers and we all go by some name, Nana, Mawmaw, Grammie, Grandma etc, but no matter which form of it you use, right now, Nana is the best word ever to me!

Oh, and of  course their nicknames I gave them, SnuggleSlugger, SnuggleBerry, SnuggleBug and SnuggleBean.


  1. HA – love the nicknames! And I think my mom would agree with you. She had a grand day on Thanksgiving having all her grandchildren with her. And it’s so amazing for me to watch them together — it’s just another blessing as a mother. Thanks for chatting!

  2. “family”, because if you don’t have them you have nothing. I love them all<3

  3. I agree the best in my life are my grandchildren. I have 6 – one is adopted and she is the one who taught us how to grandparents. Great post!

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