Tuesday Coffee Chat


Rory over at Time Out For Mom is the Tuesday Coffee Chat hostess, and today her question was:  If you were over for coffee, what snack should I provide for you: Salty or Sweet?

First, I want to say I’d be one very honored individual to have the opportunity to drink coffee with Rory.  I follow her blog and enjoy her writing.  And we share a love for coffee and wine, it’s like we are connected or something.

I love both salty and sweet.  I usually follow salty (or spicy) foods with something sweet because I crave sweet right behind the salty.

When sipping wine, I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate.  Sometimes, if in the mood for salty, popcorn with the wine.  But I love popcorn with beer..and coffee, and diet soda.  Heck even with ice water.

A favorite fall snack is candy corn and dry roasted peanuts mixed together.  Because sometimes sweet and salty together rock.

Bottom line, either is good, especially with coffee.  Coffee is always the foundation for me.  🙂



  1. oh my goodness — do you know I have a bowl of candy corn and peanuts on my table Right Now!! My mom brought the candy corn for Halloween, and I added the peanuts because: salty and sweet! Also, dark chocolate and red wine just seem to be made for one another! I’ve actually added a shake or two of salt to my beer. that’s awful – LOL – but I have.

  2. I agree that chocolate goes well with wine. I have started a new meme on Mondays called Memory Monday and would love it if you could join me.

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