Saturday Coffee Musings

iStock_000044919954SmallGood morning, though nearly afternoon!  It is a coffee loaded Marvelous One today.  Hope you have your beverage of choice for the morning and have eyes wide open and a great day ahead of you.

I found a very interesting piece of folklore this morning, and I’m hoping that it is wrong but I fear that it is dead on and that is a problem.  Seems that Persimmon seeds can predict winter.  Not unlike the Woolly Worms and other methods of determining the coming season and it’s snow and cold, if this piece of lore is to be believed, I’d be buying stock in companies that produce milk, bread and eggs now.  All methods are pointing toward a LOT of snow.   As this is the first day of deer season around these parts, I’m hoping to have plenty of venison steak in the freezer and plenty of wine on hand if we are to be snowed in at all.  I have little desire to munch on French Toast all winter, my priorities are in order.  And my kids both hunt so hopefully I will be seeing those first photos on their Facebook feeds later today of their first spoils of the hunt.  I know many are opposed to hunting as a sport, and while they may enjoy the sport side, trust me when I tell you that the meat is the object of desire.  They both cook up some amazing venison dishes.  This year my mom is hoping to get one from them for our freezer as we’re rather fond of this meat as well.

Recently I started a beauty blog for my customers and blog followers.  While primarily beauty related, there will be other items too that might be of interest.  Stop on over and visit and see for yourself.  I’ll post current specials and coupons for Avon and Jewelry In Candles, as well as tips for applying makeup, selecting your fragrance, skin care advice and much much more!  It’s in the infancy stages but I wanted to share that.

I’m hoping to get a lot of writing time in this weekend.  This writing a book gig is rather fun but takes some focus.  I’ve done a bunch of research and I’m working toward the fiction being published soon.  The non-fiction is set with a publisher so that one needs a lot more attention.  They would like to have the first draft by the end of November so I need to start applying my calendar blocking to devoted writing times.  The fiction will be an ebook and that will a self/indie published work.

While it may be many months to even over a year before I will be reaping the rewards of being a full time Avon Lady, I’m not giving up the dream or the work.  It is one of those things like the analogy about the penny.  If someone offered you $3 million dollars, or a penny that doubled in value every day for 30 days which one would you take?  Most folks immediately opt for that $3 million.  The penny doubled is 2 cents, then 4 cents, then 8 and so on.  It isn’t until near the end that it finally explodes and on day 30 you have over $10 million dollars.  It is what Darren Hardy calls the compound effect.  By the way, that is one fantastic book to read.  Direct sales is very much a compound effect business.  You work and work and build and build and for a long time see no real results.  Then suddenly, it just takes off and the money pours in and the business expands like crazy.  Trouble is most people give up long before hand, they want to get rich quick and it simply doesn’t work that way.  It’s a job, not a hobby.  Crunching the numbers shows me that I’m looking at a full year before I will see the rewards of my hard work and be able to replace the income I just lost, but unlike 90% of those in this line of work, I refuse to give up.  My why is very strong and pushing me forward daily.

Well, it is back to the bagging and tagging of brochures today so that I can get them distributed next week.  Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hey! I just read your blog and the encouragement about direct sales really encouraged me and I wanted to say thank you. 🙂 I also wanted to let you know about Jamberry, if you hadn’t ever heard of it before. It’s a great product and the company is only a couple years old. I would love to share more about it or send you some samples. Feel free to email me! It would be my pleasure to share about it.
    April 🙂

    • Hi April!
      Dana Wilde did a piece/interview with Connie Lasita, a direct sales friend of mine from Jamberry. Thanks for the offer though!

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