Sunday Evening Coffee Musings: Plan B

iStock_000044919954SmallI’m sitting here with my ever present cup of coffee, musing about the past week.  For a week that should have been totally awesome, and it was pretty marvelous, it also was book-ended with hurt.

The book end at the beginning of the week was coming home and finding in my mailbox the gift I had sent off to a former friend.  It was nothing expensive, just a small thing, sent as an olive branch of sorts.  It was returned to me and that did hurt.  I will leave it at that and just say that I will always pray for her despite her feelings toward me.

In between the book ends life was pretty good.  Sticking to my blocked calendar to do my classes and enjoying the learning process.

The book end at the finish of the week brought more hurt and plainly sucked.

Friday is my favorite day of the week.  Yes, it is the end of the work week but it is more because I love reaching the end of a week and knowing I accomplished much.  My work week is always wonderful, the team is great and most days it is stressful but fun.  I went in as always with my trusty sidekick, my Yorkie, and started my morning.  It was only me and the production manager.  After a bit our web designer and IT chick showed up.  We were getting new virus software and servers set up etc as the company is about to go to the next level.  I was really excited about this, the mission and vision were coming together and I was finally in a class to learn QuickBooks and was understanding it this time.  The production manager came in my office sat down, and told me as gently as he was able that my job was being eliminated.  Seems I made too much money and they couldn’t afford to keep me.  Because they have to bring on someone else to handle emergency services with their new franchise, they had to cut someone and that someone was me.

Needless to say I ran through a variety of emotions but ended on very hurt.  We always made decisions as a team at the table, our ‘style’ being like a motorcycle club (MC).  But lately decisions were being made without the input of all members and this was one of those.  I never was given a chance to offer to take a pay cut.  So, I joined the ranks of the unemployed on Friday morning.

It was time for Plan B.

I packed what I cared to take, left the rest behind and headed home.  Channeling my frustration and pain into house work I had things in order when mom got home at lunch.  That is when we sat down like we Divas here do and plotted and planned.  The first order of business was getting me a laptop since I had always used my one from work and they wouldn’t even allow me to borrow it over the weekend.  We hit the store and purchased a nice one, so I am thankful for that blessing.

Our next plan was that since I had been praying about it a lot, I would jump into my Avon business full time.  40 hours a week will now be devoted to sales and recruiting and building up a business that can support me.  I know personally plenty of reps doing just that but I had only played at it as a hobby.  But now, my ‘why’ is pretty substantial and so it will be a full time job.  We have a large roll of paper that we cut into a big planning board on the wall of the Avon office, we worked on brochures and threw our first Girls Night Out Friday night.  We are rolling forward with well thought out plans and not looking back.

That is the benefit of living with your female family members, your Divas.  When the cards are down, they plot, plan, wrap around you, fill your wine glass and help you figure things out.  This morning at church I realized that God is never wrong and this is a blessing.  Who knows what will happen to the company, but He removed me far from it all and I have to accept that there is something much better out here for me.  Something that truly honors Him with integrity and that my life will be blessed in more ways than I can imagine.  Every song on the radio on the way to church was about trusting, and His plan unfolding in bigger ways than we could know, so I am going to give it all to God and know that He has a better place for me.  I will be working for myself now, so I cannot be a layoff victim again.

On a positive note, my evenings will now be free, as I won’t have to try to divide my time after the office, between leisure and Avon.  That leaves more time to do my class for Nouthetic Counseling too, so I can speed up the process of getting my certification as a biblical counselor.

Last night I watched my grandchildren and I walked away with new knowledge through the eyes of a 20 month old.  He trusts beyond a shadow of a doubt that his daddy is there (mommy too).  He cries when he wakes from a nap and a parent is there, he is hungry, they feed him, he hurts and they comfort him. Any need he has they handle it and it is met.  Surely then God, my heavenly Father who has all the riches and power of the universe, will go far beyond what an earthly parent can do if I can just trust Him as my grandson trusts his parents, to protect me and supply all of my needs.

So beginning Tuesday I start working my Avon business full time, working like a boss!



  1. I am sorry — I love your all your positive words, your trust and faith; but quite frankly it must have sucked indeed! But, it sounds like an exiting opportunity ahead! Window open – PTL! And how awesome are your Divas? what a blessing right there.

  2. I’m sorry that your week ended on that note, but working for yourself full-time will be exciting. I will be keeping your success in my prayers….and you should drop a catalogue in the mail (or email) to me.

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