No Way Can You Really Be So Happy!

02ef409bb7a269ae2d20d38aa741b5afAh but marvelous reader, I am indeed VERY happy!

What we focus on is where our heart will go.  Much of our ‘mood’ is a decision, how we react to circumstances.

Suppose this morning on the commute to work, someone busy on their cell phone texting a friend, rear-ended my beloved little Henrietta.  Now I love that car, and I’m just as excited driving it today as I was months ago when I purchased her.  Would this make me happy?  NO! I’d be upset that my cute little vehicle was crumpled.  Knowing that in the next day or so I’d be in a lot of neck and back pain would not thrill me either.  At that moment I have choices in how I will respond to this.  I can get out of my car screaming foul words at the driver behind me then spend the rest of the day fuming and focusing on all the bad aspects associated with this situation. OR I can get out, make sure the other driver is not injured, call 911 and my insurance company, and be thankful.  Thankful I’m alive, that I’m insured (and hopefully so is the person who caused the accident), that pain relievers are available to treat the inevitable pain I’ll encounter and that it wasn’t worse.  I can hand it all to God in prayer and spend the day focusing on the good things in my life, the blessings in my life and pray for the individual who is responsible.

Life is full of hiccups and road blocks, disappointments and painful occurrences.

Life is more full of wonder, beauty, good things, happiness, love and blessings.

Just because I make a choice to celebrate the good doesn’t mean the bad hurts any less or is any less there.  I’m not in denial.  I’m deciding what will be my focus each day and that is to focus on those things that make me smile, laugh, be encouraged and the mood comes with that focus.

Yes I am really this happy!  My life is so full of wonder and blessings, love and joy!  The more I find joy in life, the less and less significant those other things become.

Try it some time!