Sunday Afternoon Coffee Musings: Gifts

Coffee cup with steamToday in church, in the continuation of the “Oh The Wonders I’ve Seen” series, our campus pastor, Greg, was talking about the wonders in each of our lives.  Those things we are so busy we miss but are gifts and blessings from God.  He used a verse that came to him last weekend while celebrating his 30th birthday:

James 1:17New American Standard Bible (NASB)

17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

We were challenged to really look around us this coming week at the gifts we are given, the good things in our life.  It got me thinking of the many things each day that pass by me that I don’t even realize are just that, good things, perfect gifts from God.  If I believe (and I do) that nothing touches our lives that is not given by or allowed by God (and if He is indeed omnipotent then of course He has to allow it or it cannot occur), then everything good is a gift.

Have you heard that question, “what if you woke up tomorrow with only those things you thanked God for today”?  It really makes you think!  Most nights I fall into sleep forgetting to take time to pray and give thanks.  I could try just giving thanks in prayer throughout my day for things if I just take time to stop and be thankful.  The attitude of gratitude, as mom said while I was sharing about this morning when I was on the deck earlier with her.

Just so far today I have SO much to be thankful for, so many great gifts.

I had a great night of sleep, woke in a comfortable bed.

I was running late because I had not properly set my alarm on that kick butt smart phone of mine, a wonderful gift of technology and connection with the world.

Transported to services in the adorable little car that I so love that I was able to purchase because of a great paying job to back my credit and my Avon business is supplying enough money to pay for it each month.

After the services, which thanks to the gifts of sight and hearing I could enjoy, I went out to lunch with my kids and their spouses.  I love that we attend the same church and can enjoy this time together.  Much laughter and fun.

My grandkids were along and that part is awesome too, I adore them!

When I came home, the Divas were on the deck, enjoying the weather and I joined them.  I love it out there, so pretty and relaxing.  It is one of the things I love about this huge, wonderful house we have.

Just in this day so far I’ve so many ‘gifts’ and blessings to be thankful for that I often take for granted.  I’m wealthy beyond measure with so much goodness in my life.

Yes, there are so many wonders and gifts, I need to take stock daily and remember to give thanks for them!