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iStock_000003891912XSmallI need running shoes.

Mind you I am NOT a runner, but I’ve accepted a challenge to run a 5K in November for the Run For The Troops. Working for a veteran owned company means we do things that support our military whenever possible.

This started out our staff meeting when our sales and marketing manager brought it to the table.  The joking started about who could actually run this before some bets were placed and we all accepted the challenge.  Now comes the training part.  I have a “couch to 5k” app and schedule but it would be better to find a “from nearly in the grave out of shape to 5K” schedule for training.  But I’m in all the way so we shall see how it goes.  I want the weight off and to get in shape for my daughter’s wedding a year from November so might as well jump on this as a means to that end.  I hate running.

Good grief what am I thinking?? I’m 51, and SO out of shape and have zero desire to run 5K.  Barring the house being on fire or the sirens sounding the approach of a tornado, it is most unlikely I’d run anywhere! This is going to be hard, really hard.

I am somewhat motivated by the fact that I am down 6 pounds thanks to my coffee.  I recently started drinking Javita burn+control coffee and without changing anything I managed to shed 6 pounds in just over 2 weeks.  Not bad.  I am so thankful that I joined up to sell because the price is better as a rep.  I also enjoy parties so I will have to host a coffee party and maybe even build a team.

Anyone else have a daily drive through a school zone or 5?  I am all about the 20mph speed, but having to cross through multiple such zones is a pain.  This is especially true when I need to turn right on a red light after 7am.  And of course the crossing guards are a good thing, except when they wander back to the curb like they have all day and only 2 or 3 cars can turn before the light is red again.  The other highly annoying school issue is being behind a school bus picking up a child and the mom stands there yacking to the bus driver.  All the while the red lights are flashing and traffic stands still. I am not talking about a short chit chat either, these are several minute conversations in which the driver and mother are oblivious to the horns beeping around them.  I am so glad school is out for the summer.

As I am wrapping this post up I am debating walking the dog.  The first half of such stroll is the little 9 pound yorkie pulling with all her little might to go faster.  The second half she is dragging along about done with the entire thing but doesn’t want to stop.  She loves being outside walking every chance we get.  I suppose I should just do it, I need the exercise if I am going to even make an attempt to start training for this 5K.  I start next week, as I need something to actually jog in and jeans will not cut it.  Anything that resembles workout attire long since stopped being able to move up past my thighs without me looking like a sausage in a shrunken skin with a rubber band around the middle.  Not happening, I do have some self respect left.

Okay I talked myself into it, I do want to see that scale continue to move downward so might as well get moving.

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  1. Good luck! I have accepted that while I was a runner in my younger years, I am not one now. And not likely to become one again. My knees just don’t like it. I don’t really like it. Maybe if I had a nice scenic route it would be nice. But I would like our family to participate in some thing similar to this. I think it’s important to teach the kids to be active, and to be helpers when they can.

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