Sunday Evening Wine Musings

iStock_000006082518XSmallYesterday I celebrated my 51st birthday.

No big to-do, just an ordinary day for the most part.  Spent it serving my community with 8,000 others, doing 450 projects around the greater Cincinnati area.  It was called GO Cincinnati, through my church, Crossroads  and it was awesome!

After serving a meal to homeless men living in a medical respite center, and helping with some cleaning projects there, I had dinner with my kids and 2 of the grandchildren.  It was a fantastic day.

Last weekend, for Mother’s Day, I had the joy and blessing of sharing church time with my kids and their significant others.  It was really a good message, and we shared the row with the ex-husband and his wife.  Many have asked me, “wow wasn’t that kind of awkward?”.  No, not really.  No more than his wife (I’ll call her the wife-in-law) coming up to me at church this morning and giving me a hug along with birthday wishes.  Okay for many that would just be flat out bizarre I suppose, but it wasn’t odd to me at all.  Nor was it strange that we sat together for the services and talked a bit.  Frankly, in my opinion, it is kind of cool that it happens that way.  We share common love for my kids and the grandkids.  And she loves the ex, and he will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am pretty positive I will never love anyone like I loved him.  He is not an easy man to love, so my hat is off to her and I am really very  happy that HE is happy and in love again.  Make no mistake it took a lot of prayer to move past the hurt and bitterness but wow what a liberation once I did and could actually smile when I saw his wedding photos on my daughter’s Facebook and be happy for them.  And yes, I actually came to embrace the character of Zelda in her book, the one supposedly based on me.  I still want an autographed copy from her, so if you happen to read this, miss Maggie Fields, or someone who knows her reads it, I would love to have it.   🙂

Speaking of books, I’m still plugging away on my own.  I’ve gotten lax this past week but I’m blocking time each day to get to it.  One of these times when the publisher calls I’ll be able to say “YES it is finished and ready to for first edit!”.

Time to refill the wine glass.  Hope you had a really great weekend!

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  1. I think it’s great when people can put the stuff of the past behind them — especially when you still many years of good memory making with children and grand children ahead. It’s okay to love someone AND let them go.
    Love the new look!

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