I May Need A Social Intervention

I am a social media junkie.  Really, it is an addiction that is getting out of control.  I do all of the following:

Yahoo IM

And now, as if that were not enough, I’m trying to learn how to use SnapChat.   My granddaughter isn’t able to get her video working on Skype so I am trying to learn to use SnapChat.  UGH!  That one is a challenge. I have to go online and find myself a tutorial as it just doesn’t seem real user friendly to me.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I might need an intervention soon, social media is really becoming addicting for me.  If my smartphone were to suddenly cease to operate I’d likely have a major melt down.  There would be certain withdraw symptoms.

Growing up with a rotary phone in our house and black and white television at first, I cannot help but find all the technology to be exciting!  But I also wonder, sometimes, when is it too much sharing and connecting?

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  1. What?!! you’re not on Tumblr!!?? LOL
    Technically, I do have an account to most of these…..but I am only really active on a couple of them. Pinterest is a great resource I only go to when I need to find something anymore; Twitter and Facebook are almost impossible to keep up with, so I just use them to share my posts and others. Sometimes I will find interesting things to share. Twitter just moves way too fast to keep up with though. But since I do love photography, Instagram and Tumblr are my two faves. They are relatively simple – just view and like.
    Blogging of course will always be #1.

    I think it all depends on what else you are interested in. I don’t watch that many TV shows – so my nights are pretty much free to blog and scan my faves. I can scroll through my Instragram feed on my phone during the commercials. My kids are in school all day now too, so I can take the morning to blog, answer email, visit other blogs, etc. Save the afternoon for errands and chores.
    Hey someone people knit, paint, draw, collect stamps, scrapbook — I say everyone should get to do what interests them and brings them joy; without judgement.

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