Breastfeeding In Public

By Jomphong, published on 21 August 2013 Stock Photo - image ID: 100196112
By Jomphong, published on 21 August 2013
Stock Photo – image ID: 100196112

WOW what a hot button!

I was channel surfing in the office this morning to find something not too distracting for background noise on my TV while I work.  The View was on, and while I usually do not care for the show I left it on over The Price Is Right.  The topic came up of Delta Airlines, via Twitter, telling a woman it is unacceptable to breastfeed on the plane unless covered.  That exploded and breastfeeding mamas hit the freaking ceiling.

Here is the deal as I see it.  I am a mom.  I’ve breastfed both of my children.  There were occasions when the baby got hungry and I was out and about.  I opted to find a secluded place to feed my child and covered up with a very light weight blanket so as not to offend anyone.  Yes, babies need to eat and this is how many of them do it, from mama’a breast.  But that doesn’t give us the right to offend others.  There is nothing wrong with being discrete about it ladies!  If a ladies room offered a lounge area, then I always went there.  If not, I could locate a bench in an out of the way spot.  Once I used a dressing room couch.

I’m female, I am a mom, I breastfed my babies, but I do not want to sit there and watch someone else do it out in public.  I don’t see anything wrong with asking someone to cover up or find a discrete place to do so!


  1. I agree as well. I also breastfed my son and was always discrete. But the one thing that will offend me quicker than seeing a baby on a bare breast is seeing a TODDLER on one. Ugh….. When they can feed themselves, it’s time to STOP.

  2. I agree — there’s nothing wrong with being discreet.
    It’s totally natural (as opposed to being sexual) and when a baby is hungry: you just don’t always have many options. But I always carried a light blanket as well so that I could have some privacy.
    I think anything less — is just trying to whack people in the face with the issue — which only serves to make you look militant and ridiculous. You would not likely let your boob hang out in public on any other occasion, and I see no reason to do the same while breastfeeding and turn it into a spectacle.
    No women should be prevented from feeding her baby in public, but I think in turn, we have a responsibility to show respect to others as well.

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