Early Morning Ice Capades

Have I mentioned that I HATE winter?  The snow, cold and icy conditions are just not my cup of tea.  Imagine, if you will, my excitement yesterday when the temperatures crept into the upper 30’s and this lovely mess started melting.  And then came the rain! Oh glorious rain falling hard from the sky!  I even saw lightening on the way home from work and was ever thankful.

Ah but I was celebrating entirely too soon.

This morning, while my Keurig was making my morning commute cup, I went out and pulled my car into the driveway to warm it up.   It was above freezing so one would think that things would have been still on the melt, but the news I watched while getting ready for the day had another story to tell.  Seems the ground temps are still very much at freezing so all that rain we received last night?  Well it made for a lovely, slick, dangerous mess.  Accidents popping faster than a bag of microwave popcorn on speed-pop.  Our driveway has a slight incline so I was careful to pull the car onto the spot that was dry.  Appearances can be deceiving as I was to find out.

1903465_595734980512030_907834330_nI grabbed up the cup of coffee, leashed up the pup, put my laptop and purse over my shoulder and went out of the front door.  Because I turn off the porch light as I leave it is always fun in the dark, making my way down the front walk.  But I did it, only stopping because my dog decided to stop dead in front of me and pee on the snow covered sidewalk.  She still cannot figure out where the yard ends and the walk begins as it is buried in snow and ice.  We slipped along to the car where I opened the passenger front door and she hopped up into the car with some assistance from my foot as she is too fat to make that jump on her own.  She rides shotgun with me always.  Then I went around the back of the car to the driver’s side, opened the rear door and put my laptop in and closed the door, reaching for the handle on the driver’s door.

I suppose the added weight of the fat Yorkie and my laptop, combined with the shutting of the door, was all that was needed and away the car went!  Sliding backward down the driveway.  Not fast mind you, which was a good thing, but moving nonetheless.  My dog is sitting in the front seat looking at me, obviously spooked by this, with this look on her face like “what?! You aren’t coming???”  Seems that ‘dry’ spot had a slick sheen on it as well.  The car stopped and I carefully opened the door, and as I go to get it in slides a bit again.  I just jumped on it and hit the brake and it slid some more before stopping.  Needless to say I was very careful on the drive to work.  Every other driver must have had some interesting experience themselves as no one was in any hurry.  Took 25 minutes to go 3.5 miles on 75N in Kentucky approaching the Ohio River, BEFORE we were even near the cut-in-the-hill, which was poorly treated in my opinion, as it was still a bit slick.

When I finally arrived over an hour later, at my office, the parking lot that had been snow covered but we could get around on it, was now a big block of chunky ice.  My car was not going in the parking spot.  And then it got stuck, right smack dab in the middle of the lot between us the business next door.  It would not go forward or backward.  Thankfully the boss and our project manager were there, and able to finally push me so I could get back a bit more and then they help push me into a spot.

I think a little rum in my coffee is called for about now.  Too bad there isn’t any.  Rum that is.


  1. my husband thinks these are the perfect times to go find an empty parking lot and do doughnuts. *eyeroll*
    I stay indoors. And I’m Canadian – I’ve driving in winter for over 20 years. Even I don’t mess with ICE.
    Stay safe!

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