Product Review – Makeup Finishing Spray

I recently purchased a product on the recommendation of someone I trust very much, my daughter.  She used the product before going to a professional football game where it was a day of misty rain during tailgating and the game itself.  She came home and still looked amazing.  So when she talked about it on her Facebook later that same day I decided to give it a shot.  Artists use a finishing spray to set charcoal, pastels and other types of pictures to keep them from smearing so why not our makeup?

I am one of those women who puts my face on in the morning and that is it for the day.  I don’t have time to spend reapplying it all in the mirror at lunch or on breaks, or both as I have seen over the years.  I am also one of those who touches my face frequently throughout the day, especially resting my chin or cheek on my hand or fist while reading something or listening in a staff meeting (when I’m not doodling).  This can cause my makeup to wear off easily.

mary-kay-makeup-finishing-spray-hBecause she spoke so highly of it, I purchased the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing spray from her to try for myself.  I was a bit leery because it is $18, and that is a lot to part with for one beauty product if it turns out to be less than expected.

I have been using this daily now for about 6 weeks and cannot be without it!  Once my makeup is applied, I spray an ‘X’ and then a ‘T’  pattern over my makeup/face as directed.  The first day I used it someone I worked with said I looked like I had done something different with my makeup, in a good way.  I had!  By the day’s end my makeup still looks great!  One night I didn’t even bother to wash my face before bed (a practice that I do NOT recommend) and it still looked halfway decent in the  morning.

It is light, pleasant in scent, and lasts a LONG time.  6 weeks later I am still using the same initial purchase of 2 oz.

So,  does it work? YES!

Is it worth the price? YES!

Would I recommend this to others? OH YES!

And if you do not have a Mary Kay representative, please do not hesitate to drop by my daughter’s webpage and purchase online and have it ship direct to your door!